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Max Rohskopf Is Ready For Anyone At Anytime | UFC Fight Pass

Max Rohskopf Is Aiming To Make A Statement At Cage Warriors 133 Live On UFC Fight Pass.

With some of the best BJJ in the world in the gym around him daily, it’s going to take a lot more than Team Alpha Male mystique to scare Max Rohskopf.

Multiple friends and teammates are familiar with Rohkskopf’s Cage Warriors 133 opponent, Erick Sanchez. The Alpha Male product has done something so far in his 16-fight career that has tipped his hand and it is playing right into Rohskopf’s favor…at least it would if Rohskopf cared to seek out the advice.

“Some of the guys in the gym have either competed against him in grappling or have seen him around or been at Alpha Male and trained with him and they’re always trying to tell me stuff about him,” Rohskopf said. “I’m just not someone that really cares. I didn’t even know who the name was. Even after I signed the contract I didn’t know who it was until one of the guys at the gym told me.”

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For years, the overhand right and the guillotine of Alpha Male fighters have given opponents an extra weapon to train for, as if a high-level fighter wasn’t enough to worry about.

Not one to be confused with a typical fighter, Rohskopf has never been one to put too much stock into game plans or fight blueprints. At 7-1, it’s hard to say he needs to change now.

“I’m always going to do what I do best regardless,” Rohskopf said. “I’m going to read what’s happening in there in the moment. I’m not going to plan on something they’re going to do for eight weeks straight and then all of a sudden go in there and that’s not what he’s doing at all. That’s not how my coaches prepare me. My coaches prepare me to be the best I can be with my skillset and what I’m good at.”

With a head coach like Robert Drysdale and some of the most highly-touted training partners out there, Rohskopf’s “go with the flow” mentality definitely wasn’t threatened by a gym with a reputation for one of the most polished guillotines in the game.

“I’ve competed against some of the best guys in the world in IBJJF,” Rohskopf said. “I was ranked in the world at purple belt at one time. I’ve competed at ADCC trials, I train with Jake Shields, right now it’s a lot I’ve been around.”

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On top of all this, Rohskopf has already faced and defeated an Alpha Male fighter inside of one round.

The Alpha Male mystique may be alive and well in the MMA world, but there’s simply no room for it in Rohskopf’s fight camp and there never will be.

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