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Macy Breaux Is The Next Big Thing At 115 | UFC FIGHT PASS

From Golden Gloves To Purple Belt, Fury FC 65’s Strawweight Is A Threat To Women Across All Combat Sports.

After coming to the MMA or boxing fork in the road, Fury FC’s Macy Breaux has formally and officially made her mind up, and she’s choosing the cage.

Breaux has made her presence felt on the Louisiana boxing scene for years. After starting training in both MMA and boxing in 2015, it was beginning to look like she was cut out for a life of pugilism. After only one year in boxing, she was the Louisiana State Golden Gloves winner and pulled in a National Golden Gloves silver medal.

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Breaux was starting to progress at warp speed in both sports; fast enough that coaches began having tough conversations about it.

“Coming up in the sport I’ve had boxing coaches tell me, ‘You have to pick one,’ and it’s been me being like, ‘I can do both and excel in both,’” Breaux said. “I just have to know if I do boxing, I can excel in that, and if I have an MMA camp, I can pursue that and do great in that.”

After pulling in some of boxing’s highest honors early, Breaux found that it was only getting harder and harder to find competition. Local tournaments became traveling long distances for a single amateur bout, which eventually became no fights, in general.

If there wasn’t already an interest in MMA before, there surely would have been when Breaux found herself on the wrong end of a good reputation.

“I’ve been pursuing a boxing career and trying to make my professional boxing debut since 2019,” Breaux said. “Every time I’ve tried to have a fight camp or something, it falls through. I think I just have a lack of connections in the boxing world, so I’ve been leaning towards MMA because I’ve been getting with management and things like that.”

At 26 years old, Breaux is a 2-0 professional mixed martial artist and while she’s still open to a career in boxing, the direction appears to be exclusively MMA, and the deeper she dives into the sport, the wider her base becomes.

Does she have the hands to make her a striking threat to everybody in the division? Absolutely, but Breaux is a student of the game enough to know where every fight may take her, and her BJJ game is already strong enough to give every opponent even more than just Golden Gloves to worry about.

“Honestly, I am a boxer, but I’m also a purple belt in BJJ,” Breaux said. “I’ve been doing BJJ just as long, so I think my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is my strong suit. If I can keep this fight standing, great, but I feel like it will go to the ground and I’m looking for a finish on the back.”

Boxing isn’t going anywhere, so there’s always time for Breaux to make her presence felt in the ring, but until then, women’s MMA just may have a new name to worry about.

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