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'Lizbos' Behind Title Fight Star

Liz Carmouche Hopes Her "Lizbos" Will Soon Celebrate UFC Victory
by Aaron McQuade, GLAAD

"Liz Carmouche is about to make sports history for two reasons. The mixed martial arts (MMA) star is about to become one of the first two women ever to participate in an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fight. She's also about to become one of the highest profile openly gay athletes in the world. And her fans, the 'Lizbos,' will be rooting for her all the way.

"Liz discovered mixed martial arts during her time in the Marines. 'I was looking for something to challenge me physically and mentally. Some people had suggested trying out MMA, and what started as something just to trying get in shape turned into a major life change.' She served her entire tenure under the discriminatory 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' ban on open service. She says 'it was really difficult, from meeting other people who were part of the LGBT community and couldn't be open about who they were, and my own issues with people trying to "out" me, and the derogatory terms that people would use against (gay people). It was really difficult.'"

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