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Live as it happens: London open workouts


Join us throughout today's Open Workouts from the flagship JD Sports store in London ahead of this Saturday's UFC Fight Night Silva vs. Bisping and see the latest reaction from the social media world - Tweets, Periscopes, pictures - we've got it all here

Watch how it went down:


Anderson Silva live at the open workouts in London!

Posted by UFC on Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Michael Bisping live at the open workouts ahead of UFC London!

Posted by UFC on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Live from social media:

Michael "The Count" Bisping smashes his trainer at #ufclondon Open Workouts at JD Sports, Oxford St, Londo...

— Nancy Gay (@nancygay) February 24, 2016

Michael Bisping looking in top form at the #UFCLondon open workouts tonight. @bisping

— DoubleUnderhooks (@dblunderhooks) February 24, 2016

Live Tweets and Images: 
Brad Pickett shows off his skills first at open workouts (Photo credit: Nancy Gay)

.@One_Punch at UFC Open Workouts #UFCLondon @UFCEurope

— Phil Battersby (@philbattersby) February 24, 2016

#UFC has taken over! Check out #UFCLondon art all over the city before the event this Saturday on #UFCFIGHTPASS

— UFC Fight Pass (@UFCFightPass) February 24, 2016

"I don't think anyone on this planet can beat me, Saturday night." @bisping #UFCLondon

— Mike Jackson, Esq. (@TheTruthJackson) February 24, 2016

Another look at Michael Bisping with the eager media corps. #UFCLondon @ufc @UFCFightPass

— Nancy Gay (@nancygay) February 24, 2016

He's here! The great @SpiderAnderson playfully hits the mat in London and greets Dan Hardy #ufclondon @ufc

— Nancy Gay (@nancygay) February 24, 2016

London is like my home @SpiderAnderson tells the fans at his open workout

— Nancy Gay (@nancygay) February 24, 2016

Looks like @SpiderAnderson is having fun this week in London. @ufc #ufclondon @ufcfightpass

— Nancy Gay (@nancygay) February 24, 2016

Master of submission @SpiderAnderson practices moves at @ufc Fight Night London Open Workouts @ufcfightpass...

— Nancy Gay (@nancygay) February 24, 2016

Always popular, @SpiderAnderson talks to a global press corps in London #UFCLondon @ufc @UFCFightPass

— Nancy Gay (@nancygay) February 24, 2016

Anderson Silva showing off some of his skills. #UFCLondon is going to be one hell of a night! #fightnight

— Reebok UK (@ReebokUK) February 24, 2016

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