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Lewis Looks Forward to Slugfest with Mitrione

Derrick Lewis 'not getting any younger,' so slugfest with Mitrione only makes sense
By: Ben Fowlkes, USA Today Sports

"When Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight Derrick Lewis went to jail in 2005, he knew absolutely nothing about the sport of mixed martial arts or the organization that would eventually become his employer.
"'All I knew was boxing,' Lewis (11-2 mixed martial arts, 2-0 UFC) told USA TODAY Sports.
"Well, that and fighting in the street, which had been something of a hobby of his growing up in Louisiana and Texas. Throughout his childhood, in fact, violence was the one constant. As a child he learned to fear it. The house he grew up in, Lewis said, 'was basically my mom and stepdad just fighting all the time.'
"But the older and bigger he got, the more violence started to seem like a fire that could rampage and destroy if you let it, but also provide some needed warmth if you learned how to control it. He enjoyed it, the Houston resident can admit now. Street fighting became some sort of outlet, a place to put all the the fear and anger he'd grown up with."
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