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Lewis: "I can end the fight at any time if I want to"


Hear what @TheBeast_UFC thinks about his match-up with DC and what he plans on ordering from @PopeyesChicken after the fight
— UFC News (@UFCNews) November 1, 2018

After winning nine of his last ten fights, the surging Derrick Lewis is taking a shot at double champion Daniel Cormier and a shot at winning the UFC heavyweight belt. His recent rise is overdue after stunning performances against Alexander Volkov and Marcin Tybura. Lewis spent a couple of minutes with to discuss his upcoming heavyweight title matchup with Daniel Cormier and much more.
UFC: It’s been a crazy last couple of months for you. What’s it been like to have all this extra attention?
Lewis: I haven’t noticed it I just thought everything has been normal, nothing has changed much. I don’t enjoy the interviews or worried about expanding my profile. I’m not in the sport to get in front of the cameras to talk about my life.
Do you ever question why people want to talk to you so much? What is so interesting?
I ask that question all the time, ‘why do people want to talk to me?’ You’re not going to get that much of me.
What is one of Derrick Lewis’ favorite meals?
One of the things I like to eat is something my mom got started but I have my wife cooking it now too, it’s potatoes, rice and sausage all cut up into one and then boiled.

What’s your order at Popeye’s going to be after the fight?
Everything that’s spicy. Probably some chicken fries and beans and rice.
How is your body feeling now and what’s an underrated aspect about you?
People can see I’m going to have a lot more energy in later rounds. That’s what we’ve really been focusing on the last couple weeks and I believe I have the energy to last five rounds. I think it’s a blessing in disguise that I’ve been training this long (back-to-back camps) because I wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in now if I took some time off.
How do you want the fight to go?
It really don’t matter, the fight can go on the ground or on the feet. I really do believe – I know people don’t believe me – that I can end the fight at any time if I really want to.