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Lee Making A Jump

Andrea Lee has the opportunity to go from prospect to contender if she can continue her winning streak in Milwaukee

After a strong showing and win in her UFC debut back in May, Andrea “KGB” Lee is ready to make some noise in the women’s flyweight division. Lee will be fighting Jessica-Rose Clark this Saturday at UFC Fight Night: Lee vs Iaquinta 2.

Lee showcased her strength and grappling during her decision victory over Veronica Macedo, but Lee has different plans for her match-up with Clark. Lee has plans to utilize more of her striking in Milwaukee, while forcing Clark to adapt to her style of fight.

It’s a big test for Lee, who could find herself going from prospect to contender if she can earn a dominant victory on Saturday and build a decent winning streak. We caught up with Lee to discuss how she has grown as a fighter since her first UFC appearance, what she thinks about Jessica-Rose Clark and much more.

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UFC: Andrea it’s great to see you. How has your camp for this fight been? How have you grown as a fighter since May?

AL: My camp has been amazing and I’ve just been training constantly. I’ve got first taste of what it’s like to be in the UFC so I got the first jitters behind me. So I feel like I’ve overcome a lot already.

UFC: What was that first UFC walk out like for you? 

AL: Man it was exhilarating I guess. I had to make myself like look around because at first I was just trying to stay in the zone and just think about getting to the ring, or getting to the cage. Then I decided to look around and like absorb how many people were there and all the people screaming and cheering reaching out wanting hands to be shaked. That was really exciting for me, I really loved it and took it in.

UFC: Do you think you’ll get the same feeling on Saturday?

AL: I think so!

UFC: You’re currently on a five fight win streak, what has gone into that streak and do you bring that momentum into this fight?

AL: I would say what’s gone into it is just the loss that I had, I feel like with every loss I learn so much. So I just really put a lot into every training camp and worked on preparing myself and getting better in every aspect of MMA. It has helped me a lot.

UFC: What are some things that you’ve added to your game?

AL: I’ve been working a lot of wrestling, a lot of stuff on the ground, working a lot of jiu jitsu submissions. Just tightening up a lot of things, right now it’s really just like a lot of small tweaks. Sometimes it’s just going back to the basics.

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UFC: Have you studied Jessica-Rose Clark at all?

AL: I have, I have studied her. I’ve watched a lot of fights of her and I’ve seen her fight and I’m a fan. I love Jessica Rose-Clark. I’m excited to compete against her, I’m just excited it’s going to be a great fight.

UFC: What does she do well and where do you have the advantage in the match-up?

AL: I think that she does great fighting at range, keeping her distance she loves to fight on the outside. She’s good at trying to make it her fight but I feel like I’m better at turning it into my fight and making someone fight the way that I want. I’m very aggressive I come forward a lot and I stay on that gas pedal.

UFC: How do you get your hand raised against JRC on Saturday?

AL: Fighting smart and looking for those openings and those weaknesses.

UFC: If you take care of business on Saturday do you think you’ll get the attention of your division?

AL: Definitely. With every fight, with every win I feel like every fighter gets more respect – especially as a female. I want to go out there and show everyone that I am an incredible fighter and in my last fight everyone saw a lot of wrestling and grappling. I had people reach out to me and say that I need to hire a boxing coach and work on my boxing (laughs). I have a great background in striking so I’m looking forward to displaying that on Saturday night.

Watch Lee and Rose-Clark battle it out on the FS1 prelims, Saturday at 5pm/2pm ETPT.

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