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Lauzon Ready to Get Back in the Octagon

Joe Lauzon talks injuries, Al Iaquinta and UFC 183
By: Elias Cepeda, FOX Sports

"2014 has seen injury after injury for major UFC stars, resulting in the cancelation or postponement of many anticipated fights. For example, early this month at UFC 180, heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez pulled out of his eagerly awaited fight against Fabricio Werdum in Mexico City.
"A little bit further down on the same UFC 180 card, Joe Lauzon (24-9) was tabbed to replace Diego Sanchez's originally scheduled opponent and take on 'The Nightmare,' until both Lauzon and Sanchez ended up needing to pull out as well, because of injuries sustained in their respective training camps.
"No doubt, it is frustrating for fans to go months, and sometimes years without seeing their favorite fighter (in the cases of champs like Velasquez and Dominick Cruz), or without getting to watch a heavily promoted fight, because of injuries to the competitors. However, fight-cancelling injuries are much more than an annoyance to the fighters themselves – they can be near disastrous."
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