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Kung Fu Movies To Watch On UFC FIGHT PASS

Now is good a time as ever to binge your favorite Kung Fu movies. Here's this week's staff picks that are available now on UFC FIGHT PASS

With an obvious need to binge, UFC FIGHT PASS is here to fill the time with nonstop Kung Fu action. 

Buddha’s Palm

The powerful mythic martial arts attracts everything from giant birds and magic pearls to miraculous orchids and an army of wushu warriors, while the spectacular, colorful movie about it was a 1982 hit.

FIGHT PASS official review: Love leads Long Gian-Fei to disguise himself as a waiter, ambush his former lover’s fiancé, get kicked off a cliff, live with a giant Furby / bird, learn a whole new style of martial arts, chase bowling ball-sized pearls and shoot lasers out of his hands.

Quote of the film: “Please understand one thing! My kung fu is bad and I’m real dumb!”

Official score: Good luck putting this one in a box! Here’s a riddle for you. What’s sci-fi, western, fantasy and kung fu all over? Yep. “Buddha’s Palm.” Just when you think you’ve figured it out, GOTCHA! It takes you even further down the rabbit hole. Be careful watching this one. By the time it’s over, you’ll be upset you have to go back to living in the boring real world. 5 Chops! 

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

An anti-Ching rebel learns what it truly takes to be a martial arts master, chamber by challenging chamber.

FIGHT PASS official review: College students decide to rise against the local government. The whole crew is pretty terrible at keeping secrets and the government looks to shut them down. After convincing monks to let one of the students seek sanctuary in their temple, one year and one name change later, “San Te” is ready for Tien Ta and the 36th chamber.

Quote of the film: “You just be careful with that. It’s very valuable! I paid a lot for that s**t, man!”

Official score: It’s the best story of revolution since Les Misérables and the best Kung Fu movie since Kung Fu Chefs. It’s like Liu Yude looks at his life like a sweet hot rod and says, “I’m going to rebuild it from the tires up.” As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures! What rating do you give a classic film about one man standing up to an entire government? Easy. 5 Chops!

Clan of the White Lotus

Heroic Gordon Liu Chia-Hui must learn "Embroidery Fist" and acupuncture to counter the evil White Lotus leader’s deadly "Weightless Boxing" and "Nerve Centre Shutdown" techniques.

FIGHT PASS official Review: It’s the bumpiest ride yet as Hung Wen Ting is the last man with the stones to take on The White Lotus’s evil priest.

Quote of the film: “Everyone must die!” “…. You die!”

Official score: If it’s a realistic story you’re after, this is your movie. When the leader of the Clan of the White Lotus sets out for revenge, it all makes perfect sense. His classmate was killed, for goodness sake. Attacks with weaponry, including pirate swords, and testicle grabbing take up most of the movie and thankfully most strikes end up as only near misses. By the time Gordon Liu Chia-Hui makes it into the temple and faces two sword-wielding men, you’ll have to remind yourself over and over that it’s just a movie. Nothing gets your heart rate up quite like a 5 Chop-rated movie!

The Avenging Eagle

Everything is exceptional in this outstanding martial arts drama, which won the “Best Editing for Drama” Golden Horse Award. Conflicted “son” Ti Lung and vengeful victim Alexander Fu Sheng command the screen as consummate warriors united in exceptional kung-fu … and tragedy.

FIGHT PASS official review: After being discovered and rescued just before death, Chik Ming sing is recruited by Yoh Xi-Hung. After a series of Joe Dirt-esque flashbacks to his childhood, the audience and Yoh Xi-Hung are taken through the journey of Chik Ming sing’s life.

Quote of the film: “Don’t run. I’ll collect your body for you and I shall pick out a really nice coffin for you. If you give me your home address, I’ll mail you there.”

Quote of the film runner up: “Why do you hit me there?!” “Because I like to, that’s why.”

Official score: Lots of sand throwing in this one. It’s like a perfect mix of kung fu and western. Quite possibly the best mix of the two in the history of FIGHT PASS films. At first glance it appears that possibly the addition of a surging Clint Eastwood, James Coburn or Lee Marvin would have been more effective for the movie. Scene after scene, you’re distracted by the missing presence of the greatest stars of western cinema. It’s when you step back and appreciate the weaponry from all the characters that you realize most of the aforementioned men specialize in pistol play that you realize the crossover wouldn’t have done as well. The Shaw Brothers knew exactly what they were doing, and for that The Avenging Eagle receives a perfect 5 Chop rating.

The Duel

Pre-Bruce Lee superstars Ti Lung and David Chiang team up with director Chang Cheh and action choreographer Liu Chia-Liang again for this mano a mano classic of a trial by fire…and fists.

Official FIGHT PASS review: Double crossing, violence and possibly the biggest cast in film history. The gang is all here as Tang Ren-Jie takes the fall for a truckload of crimes committed by his family only to find out that after he flees town, his family has sent mercenaries for his head. It’s now up to Jie to save himself as well as take out the men he called brothers once and for all.

Quote of the film: “You can’t even save your own girlfriend! Every night she sleeps with a dozen men or more.”

Official score: There’s trouble in paradise and it’s up to Jie to stop it! The nonstop adrenaline rush is equipped with knife throwing, knife catching, chases, twists, turns, blood and guts. It’s a wild ride that gives you no chance to catch your breath. Even the darkest of hearts couldn’t root against the protagonist in this one! Easy pick to join the 5 Chop rating club!

Chinese Boxer

A noble young martial arts student who won’t give up – no matter how many bloodthirsty Japanese killers he faces.

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: It’s almost a reverse western. The mysterious, unnamed man strolls into town like he owns the place causing a ruckus, and after laying waste to a whole dojo he used to call home, he left one man alive who would heal himself and train to take out the whole group.

Quote of the film: “And who wants to marry? I like being single. Sure, I know there are some drawbacks, like I’m going to have to find my own lunch.”

Quote of the film runner up: “There were four of them. One Chinese, one Japanese.”

Official score: Everything from the camera work to the realism, to the effects to the stunts makes it clear that this isn’t a movie; this is an experience. When chops and punches are blocked it sounds like gunshots, when strikes are landed the pinkish-red blood flows like a river. The real dramatic moments are magnified by necessarily herky-jerky zooms from the camera. It’s hard to imagine any way this underdog story could be any better. Without a doubt, 5 Chop rating.


Two wayward kung-fu students unwittingly become anti-Ching patriots.

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: From the opening minutes of the film, watermelons are chopped with swords, men are put to death and slam poetry graces the screen. Of the movies recommended so far, it has the most diverse weaponry used, some for just assaults, some for fair fights. It’s the first time we’ve watched and said, “More weapons please!” While we do side with movies that tend to end with fair fights, we do warn you that the final fight scene does feature Lo Meng and Wong Yue teaming up to fight a Qing general. So, if you’re not a fan of unfair fights, feel free to turn your head.

Quote of the Film: “Hey! Do you want to know something? The general will coming to see which one of us has the longest thing. The one with the longest will become the captain!”

Official score: In 1990, LL Cool J coined the phrase, “destruction, terror and mayhem!” in his career defining hit, “Mama Said Knock You Out” and it’s quite possible he watched Lion vs Lion before penning that phrase! Just when you think this movie has too much action, they drop a laugh bomb on you that helps stabilize your brain before going right back into even more action. This balance helps give Lion vs Lion the perfect Five Chop rating.


An underdog chef trains his apprentice to take on the head chef of a rival restaurant.

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: While we can’t prove this, we have a suspicion that this film was sort of the prequel to the Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris classic, “The Way of the Dragon.” It’s everything we love about both a Kung Fu film and an underdog story wrapped up into one and we hope you brought your appetite! The recipes and preparation of the food will have you lickin’ your chops the whole 90 minutes, and the fight scenes, including one in the produce section, will prevent you from blinking. It’s quite the “recipe for disaster” if you ask us!

Quote of the film: “Hey fatass! I want to challenge you. All right. Where are you from?”

Official score: You think to yourself after reading the description of the film, “how could I possibly care about a restaurant enough to like this film?” Well, we’re here to tell you, it’s more than possible! When you see how far Wong Kai Joe will go to become the rightful owner of the coveted Dragon Head Cleaver you’ll sort of develop a Stockholm syndrome of sorts. It’s one of the rare times you root for everybody. A film that can combine cooking with fight scenes, heart and a dash of comedy is guaranteed the perfect Five Chop rating!


Secret of Tai Chi is about a young martial arts aficionado who duels with a nasty military man.

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: If you’re squeamish, this one may not be for you. The movie can be described as 80% fighting, 20% dialogue. It strikes us as unfair at times when some fights are wildly unfair. Villains or not, there are a lot of weapons used and it’s a blessing all the characters made it out in the shape they did. You can’t help but wonder how many actors got hurt in the making of this bruiser!

Quote of the film: “You’re not a gentleman, you’re a joker.”

Official score: It’s a tough call for Secret of Tai Chi. The acting is 5 Chop worthy, the plot is 5 Chop worth, the star power is 5 Chop worthy, but the weaponry is a little scary. It’s to the point that even eating meals seems to be a struggle because of all the weaponry and fight scenes. That being said, the happy ending makes up for it all earning this film a perfect 5 Chop rating.


A young man (Ben Lam) learns the story of a legendary hero (Donnie Yen) who lost his memory yet triumphed over adversity.

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: Donnie Yen has done it again! The recipient of almost every Hong Kong Film Award under the sun flexed his muscles yet again. It’s all business in this classic from the first moments. With a disdain for old people, doubts and losing as a whole, Fung Man-Hin finds out through a series of sporadic fights and flashbacks that the life he lives isn’t honorable and he must change his ways.

Quote of the film: “Not everybody will get old. If you’ve got a strong enough will, you’ll win.”

Quote of the film runner up: “Nice kick! Right in the nuts!”

Official score: We all learn a lot about ourselves when we take in a great film. The New Big Boss will make everybody spend time imagining the backstory on every elderly person they encounter. It’s the kind of film that makes you think, “What a journey everybody goes through.” There’s more heart than violence and more fight scenes than almost any movie out there. Easy to award a perfect 5 Chop rating.


When two unqualified crooks stumble upon a “score” so heavy the police and Triads both end up in the mix, it becomes a bumpy ride for everybody.

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: Each one of the movies has their own unique personality. Yes, Madam is no different. Strepsil and Asprin play villains with so much quirk and pizzazz that you can’t help but chuckle along with their goofy antics. If you have any heart at all, you’ll want everybody to walk away a winner by the time the credits roll.

Quote of the film: “Women’s clothes?! I’m lucky tonight!”

Official score: As if Strepsil and Asprin weren’t funny enough, there’s plunger bow and arrows, cross-dressing, an underpants-nabbing child and all the goofy hijinks a cast can get themselves into. The dual subtitles with more of the forgivable typos nobody’s counting guide you through a film that definitely gets 5 Chops. Just make sure you’re finished with your belly laughs before you start chopping!


A computer genius, Fu Tien-Ming, turns himself into a hero, “Black Mask,” in an experiment. He begins to fight against crimes in the city, particularly the “Red Goddess Gang.”

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: Don’t read the description and not watch the movie immediately after, because not watching Fu Tien-Ming saving the day will have you biting your nails to the bone or waking up in sweats depending on how long you wait to watch the movie. Straight out of the gate the action is underway and thankfully so, as this is definitely going to have you on the edge of your seats.

Quote of the film: “When I suggested to seduce housewives you were stirred!”

Quote of the film runner up: “Shadow Mask, I don’t think you are as fast as bullets!”

Official score: Both film buffs and the average joe looking for attention will appreciate the story and the action. It’s a scary plot, but not gratuitously frightening. For that, it’s a lock for a perfect 5 Chop rating.


Park Min-Wah gets a tip that a rival mob has stored $10 million in cash. After pinpointing the location, Min-Wah decides to remain under the radar by hiring outsiders to perform the heist.

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: Mystery, action, scheming, action, double-crossing and more action. This movie is everything you could ask for in not only a kung-fu movie, but a movie itself. With exploding cars, about a dozen encounters in rush hour traffic, and a police chase all within the first ten minutes, film buffs and thrill seekers alike are sure to flock to UFC FIGHT PASS to get their hearts racing.

Quote of the film: “The guy inside is Po Tin Hung. He’s boss of an underground bank. In the hood will be bulk of dirty money. He’s going to use it to buy narcotics. We’re doing a kind deed if we kill him.”

Quote of the film runner-up: “Say, is all the money here?”
“Who are you?”
“Ask people in hell for an answer.”

Official score: Normally this type of film would get a 4.5 rating, but the dual subtitle feature with a number of typos and a speed that makes it almost possible to keep up with the dialogue provides a mental workout. Those features boost the official score to a perfect 5.


With a nuclear detonator missing and suspected to be in the hands of the dangerous Jason Slade, agent Tracy Pride, along with her sister and Dragon, team up to hunt down Slade before it’s too late.

UFC FIGHT PASS official review: The chemistry between sisters Tracy and Joyce is fun-loving and accurate enough to leave any viewer rushing to Wikipedia to see if there is, in fact, a genetic link between the two. But with precious time ticking and the world possibly in the hands of this small team, including Beverly Hills Ninja’s Robin Shou, there won’t be any web-surfing during the 86 minutes you’re glued to the edge of your seat.

Quote of the film: “You lying bitch, I’d love to rip your throat out!”

Official score: A lesser plotline would result in a lesser review due to the fact that one can’t watch Joyce kicking butt without being reminded of “Wonderboy” Thompson, taking you out of the scene. Thankfully, with sub-plots such as her tumultuous relationship with her father, Slade’s relationship with his father, who built the bank from the ground up, keeps you locked in the whole time. Easy score of 5 out of 5.