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Khabib to Conor: 'Just tell me where'


By now you've likely seen the havoc wreaked by Conor McGregor and his gang as they crashed the UFC media party uninvited yesterday in Brooklyn. If you somehow missed it, this latest episode of UFC 223 Embedded is a great primer of what went down.

The target of McGregor's outburst, Khabib Nurmagomedov, seemed more perplexed than anything at the spectacle, suggesting that if Conor wanted to fight him, all he needed to do was send a text message.

"Just tell me where. That's it," Khabib said straight into the camera. "Send me a message and tell me the place. Without security. Without UFC. And what time. That's it."

The episode also offers firsthand glimpses into the collateral damage caused to other fighters on the UFC 223 card and UFC staff members.