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Ken Glenn Is Ready To Put On A Showcase

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What was the cure for Ken Glenn’s two-year layoff from fighting? Three fights in three months.

A Minneapolis fireman, Ken Glenn began fighting in late 2010 and, despite sharing time with the military as well as firefighting, he was still able to hold a record of 8-5 on the regional circuit.

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Yet the king of having fights fall through was disappointed once again, as many of us were, by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I was looking for a fight, looking for a fight, almost had one a couple times but it never panned out,” Glenn explained. “When I got the chance to fight, I was super happy. I’ve been training for the most part the whole time and I was just happy to have an opportunity again. Obviously when you have something taken away from you, you appreciate it more when it comes back.”

Glenn’s return was met with positive results. After two years off he was able to notch a second-round submission at Fury FC 45. Glenn went deep into the fight but not deep enough to keep him out of the cage.

Glenn made the familiar trip from Minneapolis to Houston on May 16 for his second fight in less than a month to take on Kolton Englund at Fury FC 46. This time, he’d be fighting in front of the most powerful man in MMA, UFC President Dana White.

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“I didn’t even think about Dana,” Glenn said. “I want to win, regardless. If Jesus is in the front row or Dana, it doesn’t matter. I want to win.”

In the easy choice for Fight of the Night, Glenn lost a decision to Englund in a sure fire “UFC FIGHT PASS: Storyline of the Year” contender.

Four days over a month later, guess who’s back at Fury FC.

“I was just happy we got a fight,” Glenn said. “I know it’s a couple in a row, but I told my training partner for the next three months I just got to be the black Wolverine and heal up.”

The loss in front of Dana may have discouraged many fighters. It may have even discouraged Glenn at an earlier point in his career. As of right now it’s all about accomplishing as much as he can, while he can.

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“I’m 35,” Glenn said. “I’ve come across a lot of people younger than me and I tell them all the time don’t be in a rush to get where you’ll eventually be. For me, as long as I can look back when I’m 40 or 42 and I can say, ‘Hey, I did everything in my power to maximize my potential; I left nothing behind or to chance, and I didn’t cut any corners,’ that’s all I want to do, and if by doing that it leads me to the UFC, that’s great. If not, it won’t be because of a lack of effort.”

Never one to talk trash or amp himself up for a fight, Glenn is never mentally fatigued following fights, win or lose. Never one to take too much damage in his fights, Glenn is never physically worn down following his fights, either.

Following his Fury FC 47 bout with Nico Echeverry, the three months he warned his training partner will be up, so what’s next for Glenn? It’s unclear to us, but while we’ve got him, let’s make the most of it the same way he is.

“Obviously, this guy is good,” Glenn said. “At this level, when you’re trying to make it to the top, you face nothing but tough dudes, but I’m fully invested in myself. I believe in myself and I’m going to showcase everything I can. I’m definitely ready for a victory.”

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