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Kajan Johnson, A Tribe Called Red, and TUF

Kajan Johnson, a Tribe Called Red, the 'Ultimate Fighter,' and a Fight for First Nations Rights in Canada
By: Sarah Kurchak, Fightland

"Since releasing their self-titled debut album in 2012, Canadian First Nations electronic group A Tribe Called Red has garnered multiple awards and nominations, toured across North America and Europe, and made high-profile fans out of EDM giant Diplo and up-and-coming rapper Angel Haze (who uses one of their beats on her new single, also named “A Tribe Called Red”), all while acting as vocal supporters of the First Nations protest movement Idle No More, which started as a response to Canadian government violations of indigenous treaties. They’ve spoken out against cultural appropriation in sports, and band member Ian Campeau was instrumental in the campaign to get the Nepean Redskins football team to change their name.

"Now A Tribe Called Red is about to become a part of an MMA fighter’s game plan.

"'Ragin' Kajan Johnson, one of the breakout stars for Team Canada on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter, has always considered his walkout music an important part of his strategy."

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