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Josh Fremd Wants Statement Win In Front Of Dana White

Dana White: Lookin’ For a Fight Hits Kansas City This Weekend At James Krause's FAC 12, And Josh Fremd Wants A Statement Win To Catch The Eyes Of Dana White And The Nelk Boys

He was a KO of the Year honorable mention in 2021, he’s a 2022 FIGHT PASS Fighter to Watch and he’s coming straight off the couch to put on a show for Dana White, Din Thomas, Matt Serra and, of course, the Nelk Boys.

Josh Fremd makes it a point to stay in shape and keep himself ready between camps. At 8-2, the 28-year-old knockout artist never knows when the big call may come, but he knows one thing - he’s not going to blow it when it does.

FAC 12 with Dana White specifically there “Looking for a fight” this could be the call he’s been waiting on. He wasn’t planning for a fight, but he was more than happy to take it.

“I was targeting the end of next month, possibly early March,” Fremd said. “I’m always in the gym training and I don’t really take time off, but as far as getting prepared to fight, this was short notice.”

Fremd believes he was born to fight and his attitude reflects it. Why bog down the moment by stressing? The process is pretty fun and pretty simple; when the cage door locks, there’s going to be a fight.

“This is just what I’ve really wanted to do all my life,” Fremd said. “I just want to fight, make money and live the lifestyle of a fighter. If it’s short notice, if I have time to get ready, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day when that bell rings there’s going to be a fist fight.”

Fremd’s life is pretty simple these days. Fight, think fights, watch fights.

Unaware of his status as a KO of the Year candidate and FIGHT PASS Fighter to Watch, Fremd takes a couple seconds to let compliments set in before moving on to what can make him an even better fighter. He’s so married to the game that it’s actually not uncommon for Fremd to find out later that he’s watched his opponents fight before on other promotions while simply watching as a fan.

“That feels great and it’s a cool honor to hear and it does show a little bit; I’ve been working pretty hard,” Fremd said. “I’ve made a lot of sacrifices, so it feels really good, but I try not to put too much stock into it. It’s nice to be recognized but I still have a lot to prove and a lot to go out and show yet.”

Fremd has amassed a 4-1 UFC FIGHT PASS record with all five fights coming in LFA, one of top promotions on Earth, so he’s already proven a hefty amount, but a fighter’s job is never done.

He’s got a huge opportunity on Sunday, February 6, but, as he knows, it’s not always wins and losses that get you into the UFC, so hopefully Fremd isn’t focused to a fault. After dominating in LFA and a big showing in front of Dana White, the Octagon just may be next.

“I can speak very well, too,” Fremd assures. “If I go out and I perform how I know I can in the cage and as soon as you put the mic in front of me, I know I’m going to kill it. And even afterwards we can go drink and talk about our futures.”

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