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Jose Perez Recalls His Epic Night

Cage Fury 105 Star Says There Were "No Losers" In Capaldo Fight

He put ECW wrestlers to shame in The House That Heyman Built, he got to flex on UFC FIGHT PASS and he got to take away another undefeated fighter’s “0”. What a night it was for Jose Perez.

Jose Perez came into Cage Fury 105 a “pretty good B-side” to surefire UFC prospect Paul Capaldo. At 6-0, Capaldo was likely a win away from a UFC debut or a Dana White’s Contender Series slot.

Perez came in with an almost equally respectable record at 5-1, but not quite as much oomph.

The UFC FIGHT PASS Twitter account sent out a tweet reminding the Cage Fury crowd at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena that there may not be many more trips to the Cage Fury cage for Capaldo, and everybody planned for an incredible fight and a Paul Capaldo win.

The crowd got one of those things.

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“I don’t feel any kind of way,” Perez laughed. “I showed it. I showed [UFC FIGHT PASS] wrong. That’s sweet enough for me I don’t need to rub it in anybody’s face.”

While he did enjoy proving everybody wrong, the light-hearted Perez enjoyed the entire experience and explains that if it wasn’t for “being the B-side” there wouldn’t be opportunities to show star talent. Nobody is more thankful for Capaldo’s skillset than the man he took the distance.

“There was no loser in that one,” Perez said. “I’ve got nothing against Paul Capaldo. He’s definitely going to get a birthday card or something from me next year. I’m a fan of his, too, now. I had respect for him before, but I have respect and admiration for him now. That was awesome”

With CM Punk unable to attend, he was left at home live tweeting the card, and after being posed with a question from UFC FIGHT PASS of “What ECW wrestler does Perez most remind you of?” Punk responded, the tweet caught steam, and Perez was exposed to a whole new world in the replies.

“I wasn’t a huge ECW fan growing up as a kid,” Perez said. “Don’t rip my head off, guys, but the one thing I kept seeing, Mass Transit. I have no clue who Mass Transit is, but everyone said Mass Transit. I tried to Google it and got a couple things, but who is Mass Transit? Am I being complimented or are they ripping me apart on Twitter?”

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The fight went to deep waters and Perez was able to come away with a decisive decision win, even though it definitely didn’t show.

He swears he was born to be a fighter. When everybody around him was planning out their careers, he never budged. He may have won five fights in one of the toughest organizations under the sun, but he’s never looked more like a “real fighter” than he did at Cage Fury 105.

Enjoy the victory lap, Perez!

“‘The next fight’ is always going to be my best performance, at least for the time being,” Perez said. “I’m still getting comfortable. I’m still trying to get comfortable in this game with where my head needs to be going into it. Now I’m going to be more comfortable on my feet next time. I’d say this was the first time I really got comfortable and started thinking more clearly.”

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