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Jose Aldo Looking For A Brawl With Conor McGregor

Jose Aldo hints at Jones/Cormier-style brawl when he sees Conor McGregor next
By Damon Martin,

Following an intense couple of weeks on tour with opponent Conor McGregor back in March, featherweight champion Jose Aldo is already preparing for the inevitable staredown that awaits him when the two fighters face off again for their bout at UFC 189.

Aldo endured a very loud and boisterous McGregor as the fighters made stops across the globe while fighting every instinct he had inside to take a swipe at the outspoken Irishman before actually stepping into the Octagon together.

At one point during the final stop on the tour, McGregor even reached over UFC president Dana White and grabbed Aldo's title before hoisting it in the air to declare that he's the real champion in the division.

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