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The Jones Brothers - Ruling the UFC and NFL

Rough, tough Jones brothers – Chandler, Jon and Arthur – once were docile 'church boys'
By Les Carpenter | Yahoo! Sports

"He would grow up to be the baddest man in the world, but first Jon Jones, light heavyweight champion of the UFC, was a little boy about to get his bike stolen. He stood beside his older brother Arthur, who would one day become an NFL defensive end, neither of them understanding the motives of the two kids from their violent Rochester, N.Y. neighborhood who coveted their brand new bicycles.

"The boys from down the street suggested a game of hide-and-seek. They told Jon and Arthur to put their hands over their eyes and start counting. When the brothers' hands came down, the kids and the bikes were gone, leaving behind two devastated boys who ran to their mother in tears, convincing her to drive the streets until the stolen bikes were finally found in front of a house."

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