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Jones the Barbarian

Jonny Bones the Barbarian
By: Gian Galang, FIGHTLAND

"We’re about a week away from one of the most anticipated fights of 2014, which had to be postponed due to an injury to the reigning champ. Jones and Cormier have created in the past few months one of the biggest and most fuming rivalries the UFC has ever seen—including a fight in a hotel lobby and flurries of insults exchanged on television.
"At the moment, however, it seems like Jones is trying to cool things down, as though he doesn’t want to get to Fight Night with tensions so high. He says he doesn’t see Cormier like he saw Rashad Evans or Rampage—rivals who really took him out of his game-ready mindset. To him, the challenger to the throne is just talking shit to get himself to believe all the things he’s been saying.
"With that in mind, here are some really incredible illustrations from Gian Galang, who returns to us with brand new illustrations inspired by the legendary Frank Frazetta’s paintings of Conan the Barbarian.
"Meet Jonny Bones the Barbarian."
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