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Jonathan Piersma Seeks Contender Status | UFC FIGHT PASS

Jonathan Piersma Hopes To Build Momentum To A Title Run Soon

After the UFC FIGHT PASS Submission of the Year in 2021, strong showings in both Fury Pro Grappling 3 and the UFC FIGHT PASS Invitational, as well as four professional finishes, Jonathan Piersma is becoming the face of Cage Fury right before our very eyes.

The 26-year-old Piersma is cautiously aware of his mounting accolades, though. With Pat Sabatini gone to the UFC, Paul Capaldo and Solomon Renfro ready for the call to the Octagon, Piersma is finding himself in position to be “the guy” in the CFFC cage, but there’s still one thing missing.

“That’s a cool thing to think about and definitely something I want,” Piersma said. “But this is a big fight; if I win this fight, I’ll officially be 4-0. It’ll be my fourth win with CFFC and I’ll start to hopefully put myself in a position for a title shot soon.”

While Piersma may not have an extensive record that jumps off the page, the splash he’s made might have “added a couple wins” in the eyes of fans and promoters.

Before long, getting more “bang for your buck” with a fighter starts to outweigh uneventful bouts.

“I think finishes always count for more in this sport than decision wins,” Piersma explained. “Every time I go in there, I’m always looking for a finish. So far in my career I’ve finished all my fights with submissions. I think the welterweight title fight is on the same card I’m fighting on - it’s vacant right now, so I’m going to handle my business and sit back watch that fight and see what’s next.”

Piersma has plenty of confidence in his hands, which often leads the fight to the ground, where opponents feel less threatened. Unfortunately for them, as he’s shown before, there’s a much higher risk on the ground than on the feet.

With the extensive groundwork Piersma drills, opponents might be better off dropping their hands and taking a couple punches than letting the fight go to the ground.

With four submission finishes in four professional fights, word is bound to spread that no position at all is safe when it comes to the “War Hawk.”

“We play with those crazy submissions you don’t see very often,” Piersma said. “When it comes to it, most of my fights I want to be on top, I want to get to the back, and the guillotine’s one of my favorites. That’s more of what we’re looking for, but we’re in there training every day. I don’t have a crazy submission that I have that is my go-to, but any position I’m in, I’m prepared.”

He may not be chasing the ghost of his CFFC 94 Omoplata, but if the opportunity presents itself he’ll have no issue dusting off another rare sub. Charles Radtke just might be the next victim.

“I’ve got a lot of different submissions in my bag of tricks,” Piersma said. “The Omoplata wasn’t really a planned thing; it just happened, so I guess everything depends on the situations I get put in, the way certain fights go, what positions we end up in. You never know what kind of submissions I could go with. Who knows, maybe I’ll add a couple more to the list.”

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