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Joey Elzea's Favorite Moments From The Ultimate Fighter

Fury FC's Joey Elzea Tells His Favorite Moments From TUF

Getting his start in MMA at 17 years old after watching TUF 5, Fury FC’s Joey Elzea knows a thing or two about The Ultimate Fighter.

So what moments does the southern flyweight place in his TUF Top 5?

5. “The Wizard wins TUF 22” – TUF 22: “Just Ryan Hall going on the show, heel hooking guys. He’s one of my favorite fighters and I’m a leg locker too.”

4. “Let Me Bang, Bro” – TUF 16: “Julian Lane is definitely in my top five.”

3. “Ronda vs Miesha” – TUF 18: “I would say the season with Ronda and Miesha. That was the first one where we had women’s MMA in The Ultimate Fighter so I think that would probably have to be up there at number three. It may be even higher. I don’t know, it’s always hard to order them. It was a good season too, not just because of what it did for the sport, but also in terms of entertainment. I enjoyed that season.”

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2. “The Sport Saving Brawl” – TUF 1: “You have to go with the one everyone always talks about. The Forrest Griffin-Stephan Bonnar fight was a huge moment for the sport because of how great of a fight it was.”

1. “The Backyard Brawl” - TUF 5: “The fist fight that got me into the show is definitely up there. I guess that would be number one for me just because that season was my actual introduction into the show.”

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