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Jake Peacock's Homecoming | UFC Fight Pass

Jake Peacock Can't Wait To Return To The UK And Fight At Lion Fight 71.

It’s been a long time coming, but the son of a legend is going back home.

After growing up in South London for almost 15 years, Jake Peacock of Lion Fight is heading back to the UK for his first fight in his former stomping grounds since moving to Calgary, Canada.

More importantly than just going back home for his first fight in the UK, Peacock looks forward to being able to show England he’s no longer simply the son of a soccer star, he’s mastered his own craft.

“My dad was big,” Peacock explained. “We’d go out to the mall or anywhere and people would stop him and ask for pictures and stuff like that. He played against Beckham in that era. He was on TV after he retired, doing commentary and stuff.”

Growing up with Gavin Peacock for a father had all of the perks you could imagine and more. While money, job and admiration are nice, the encouragement and love from his father was second to none. Never too busy, never pressured to pursue a career in the sport that made the Peacock name what it is today.

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“He was always very supportive,” Peacock said. “Obviously being a former professional athlete himself he’s been giving me great advice and I’ve seen what it takes to be a professional and stay a professional from my grandad’s experience, as well. It’s been good for me it keeps me in line as well. It makes me work hard. It’s not a walk in the park being a professional athlete.”

As a man without a right hand, it would make an abundance of sense for Peacock to be the third-generation soccer star but he had his sights set on combat sports. Peacock’s decision to chase down a dream in a sport nicknamed “The Art of Eight Limbs” only adds to the level of commitment to his passion in Muay Thai.

Peacock could have waltzed into some sort of career in soccer and made a nice living for himself based off his last name, but he’s taken a much harder road, and at 6-0, you have to admit that he’s already done one hell of a job going from “Gavin Peacock’s son” to “Jake Peacock.”

“When I get back I’ll be, ‘the successful Muay Thai fighter,’” Peacock said. “Obviously people know my dad and they’ll see him there but when I step in the ring everyone knows that I’ve got a gift and I’m going to try to showcase that to the best of my abilities.”

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Although Peacock has never felt like “living in the shadow” of a famous father was a bad thing, there’s no doubt this will be one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.

The homecoming, the title defense, the perfect record on the line, the step on his own path. It couldn’t be bigger for Jake Peacock, but as he’s always done, he’s shrugging off the pressure and ready to take on the world if he has to.

“No one back home has seen me fight live,” Peacock said. “They’ve watched it on FIGHT PASS or on TV or something, but never live. I honestly feel great, I feel motivated, I don’t feel pressure performing in my hometown in front of family and friends for the first time. I’m just excited. I’m so ready you can put a grizzly bear in the ring and I’ll be giving him a good shot.”

Catch the return of Jake Peacock to action at Lion Fight 71! Action kicks off Saturday, October 23 at 7 am PT, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!