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Jacare vs. Mousasi: What to Watch For

Souza vs. Mousasi: A Complete Guide to UFC Fight Night 50
By: Scott Harris, Bleacher Report

"Everything that UFC 177 was not, UFC Fight Night 50 is.
"Not to excuse the septic tank fire that was last weekend's pay-per-view offering, but we've all said and thought plenty about that event. Now it's done and it's time to move on, at least until the buy estimates come out.
"In any case, Fight Night 50 more than stands on its own. Airing Friday night on Fox Sports 1, the free card features a string of enticing bouts. The main event between contenders Ronaldo Souza and Gegard Mousasi features two thoroughbreds of the sport. The winner of that one might get the next middleweight title shot.
"Other fights are just plain fun. You like lumbering heavyweights? I like lumbering heavyweights. And the lumbering heavyweights will come out to play in two of the main card bouts."
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