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J-Lau on Judging

UFC on FOX main card lightweight Joe Lauzon shares his opinion on MMA judging...

"Boxing is very straight forward… you hit the other guy until he can’t stand. How do you score this though… two guys fighting, We will call them Apollo and Rocky.

"In one round, Apollo lands a TON of punches and while they are starting to take effect, Rocky stays on his feet. Towards the end of the round, Rocky lands a couple HUGE shots, and wobbles Apollo but he doesn’t go down. Now Rocky was getting beat up for 2:45 of a 3:00 round, but landed those huge shots at the end of the round. Who gets the round? Apollo for controlling and winning most of the round, or Rocky for landing the biggest and best shots of the round. It’s a tough decision, but this is just quality versus volume."

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