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It’s All About Fighting And Money For Darrius Flowers | UFC Fight Pass

After Fighting Professionally For Five Years And Earning His Keep On One Of MMA’s Greatest Stages, Darrius Flowers Is Here For A UFC Contract At Dana White’s Contender Series And Nothing More.

LFA product Darrius Flowers has a lot of things to be proud of and a lot of places to call home, but these days the only home he represents is the cage.

The 27-year-old Chicago native spent most of his life in the home of Curtis Blaydes, Belal Muhammad and Clubber Lang before moving to Iowa, one of the earliest adopters of mixed martial arts to play JuCo football.

After his football career came to an end, Flowers would go on to pursue a career in MMA that would quickly land him in LFA. To this day, LFA is the only “home” he cares to represent.

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“The thing is, I don’t do this s*** for other people,” Flowers said. “I used to care if I lost when I was an amateur, I used to apologize to my fans, but now I do this s*** for me. 100% everything is about me. It might sound selfish, but it kind of is. I don’t care to represent the community or anything like that. I’m here to win fights, better my life for my family, and the only way to do that is to focus about myself. Iowa and Chicago are going to jump on board with me, they always have, but I kind of just focus on me.”

At 11-5-1, Flowers has been cutting his teeth in the MMA game professionally since 2017, but it was after his five stops at LFA that he really gained confidence and comfort in his career. Quickly, comfort as a fighter has turned into discomfort with his opposition thanks to his LFA experience.

“LFA is the number one regional promotion in the world,” Flowers said. “There’s a bunch of guys in the UFC that I watch and think ‘oh my God, this guy is an amateur.’”

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Now on track to expose the “amateurs” for what he feels they are, Flowers has become so singularly focused that nothing else impresses “Beast Mode.” You’re either coaching him, related to him or in his way. Even the possibility of one day being interviewed by one of his favorite fighters of all-time isn’t enough to break Flowers’ concentration.

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“I’m not excited to be interviewed by anybody,” Flowers said. “I’m all about me, I’m with these guys all the time. I was going to try to go out to DCs gym, so I’m going to meet DC eventually. People are saying that I should be more excited to go on the Contender Series, and I am excited but I’m more excited for my first performance bonus. I’m more excited for things like my first win, first performance bonus, so I’m not really excited for meeting DC or Joe Rogan. I’m excited to meet Dana White, but other than him I’m not that excited. I’m not a fanboy.”

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