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It’s All About Excitement And Health For Jacobe Smith | UFC Fight Pass

A New Addition To The Fury FC Roster May Have Just Given The Houston Promotion’s Welterweight Division A Shot In The Arm. 3-0 Jacobe Smith Is Set To Make His Fury FC Debut at Fury FC 72.

Fury FC may have just signed one of the most exciting prospects out there.

Oklahoma State wrestling star and XFN veteran Jacobe Smith has found a new home at Fury FC. The 3-0 prospect was given an option to either continue putting applying polish at the regional level or chase down larger-scale promotions. The decision wasn’t easy, but with organizations like the Houston-based Fury FC, Smith opted to take a step closer to high-level shows while still getting his body prepared for the brightest lights in the game.

“For me, I think I’m ready when it comes to skill, but I’m literally trying to heal my body,” Smith said. “I had two surgeries after I graduated from Oklahoma State and I’m still dealing with those injuries.”

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With every step closer to the UFC, Smith gets healthier and more exciting. His mission will always be to win, but giving the crowd something to get excited about is always the second priority when he walks into the cage.

“Not too many people haven’t seen me fight to know how exciting of a fighter I am,” Smith said. “I know wrestling is my background, but we spar pretty much three times a week. Obviously, I use wrestling as my strength, but I get told a lot to use it more because I like to throw down.

”Smith’s athleticism and strength sets him apart from other welterweights, but his style, strength and flash are already being redirected from wrestling to MMA. You may not see the slams and throws you may have at one time, but BJJ transitions and thunderous striking are becoming his new MO.

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“For me right now, it’s my anaconda or a D’arce,” Smith said. “As simple as those are, they feed right into the way I wrestle. I transition into those well, but my favorite is mat return to armbar like “Mighty Mouse” hit. I’ve been working that one a lot and I’m pretty legit at it.”

The mission is simple for Smith: stay healthy, keep the 0. The next step to climbing the ladder comes at Fury FC 72.

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