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Isaac Dulgarian Is Ready To Put On A Show At FAC

Isaac Dulgarian Is Thrilled For A Chance To Make A Statement At FAC 12 In Front Of UFC President Dana White.

At 4-0 with four first-round finishes and Dana White in attendance for his next fight, all Isaac Dulgarian feels is in his way of the UFC is what he believes is a past-his-prime featherweight.

“I feel like I’m in my prime more so than Teejay Britton,” Dulgarian said. “He’s 39. I feel like if we go into those deep waters he’s going to drown when we both are tired, and I don’t really see it as being a problem. I pace myself in my fights in the first place and I take what’s given to me.”

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Just in time for Dulgarian to become the face of James Krause’s FAC, he’s in the perfect position to go from prospect to star. At 25 years old, it’s hard to imagine that’s he’s not exactly the type of up-and-comer UFC matchmakers are looking for.

Every promoter’s dream is to turn a fighter into a UFC household name, but there appears to be a rapidly growing bond between Dulgarian and Krause and, even more importantly, Dulgarian and the FAC crowd.

Fortunately for Dulgarian, the same things that have made him a fan favorite in Kansas City will translate quite well in the UFC as well.

“I show up every day, I do my job and train my hardest,” Dulgarian said. “I like this sport and really that’s all that I can say. I got a lot of talent naturally and I feel like my work ethic and everything else kind of gets me to that next level. I’m just starting to get the eyes and everything that I feel like I’ve deserved for a long time”

Despite being severely undersized in this fight, 5’7” Dulgarian feels that a fight with the 6’4” Britton is exactly the kind of matchup he wants White in attendance for.

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“I’m going to look small in this fight,” Dulgarian said. “I should be a 35-pounder. I’m fighting at 145 on the local scene just because it’s easy for me to make weight and I don’t see a point in taxing my body before I’m getting paid, so I feel like Dana is going to look at me and say, ‘That’s a ‘35er. Look what he just did to this giant 145er who had more experience and much more cage time.’”

As with Dana White’s Contender Series, there’s a lot more that goes into turning Dana’s head than just a guy who wins a fight. Even with almost a foot of a mismatch, sizewise, Dulgarian will have to have some sort of presence about him, and he and the crowd are ready to show Dana that he’s already the star the UFC is looking for.

“When I walk into the arena the crowd pops every single time,” Dulgarian said. “The crowd knows who I am, my fighting style and everything, so I don’t feel any pressure on having to be someone I’m not. I’m really excited to actually show them I’m glad that they’re there. I fight in front of James Krause, he’s my coach, and I look up to him, so having Dana there and all these other people, if I do my thing then it’s not going to be a problem. They’ll see my skill and want me.”

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