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The Iceman Speaketh - Men's Fitness UK

The UFC fighter known as the Iceman talks to MF about TV stardom, training and his upcoming bout with Rich Franklin at UFC 115.

You've returned to The Ultimate Fighter TV show (broadcast on Virgin1 in the UK) to coach a team throughout the 11th series. How did it go? It was cool. I'm not a big fan of reality shows but I liked working with the guys. I learnt a lot about teaching. We're working with guys that are already pretty good at what they do, so if they don't understand what to do then I'm not teaching them right. It also taught me a lot about the way I fight because you have to learn your own details before you can teach them. At this level, with these types of guys, that's what you need to teach them - they know most of the basic moves, but you need to teach them the details. The details are what make a difference.