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Ian Garry's Time To Shine

Ian Garry Believes He Has What It Takes To Be The Next Star From Cage Warriors.

Is Ian Garry the new face of Cage Warriors? With Paddy Pimblett out, Morgan Charriere falling to Jordan Vucenic, he believes it is so.

First it was Dan Hardy, then Michael Bisping, then Conor McGregor and then Pimblett. Cage Warriors has never had to look too hard to find the new mega star to introduce to the world. With Bisping as the past, McGregor and Pimblett being the present, who is the future? It just might be “The Future.”

“I can talk the talk and walk the walk; I can do what needs to be done,” Garry said. “I think I’m the face of Cage Warriors, especially with these good looks. If that’s what people want to label me, I’ll absolutely take it but, at the end of the day, I’m here to win fights and be the best fighter I can possibly be and win a lot of belts.”

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At only 23 years old, Garry carries around a 6-0 record and the swagger of a fighter on the way to the UFC. Garry’s confidence and persona almost takes on that of an 80s boxing star.

All over the internet as of late, Garry has found prime airtime with Barstool Sports, MMA on SBN, and many others before even capturing CW gold. Garry will be the first to tell you, though, that the time to talk to him pre–Cage Warriors title is narrowing rapidly.

“I’m cool, calm, composed,” Garry listed. “When I go into the cage it’s like nothing people have seen before. I fight like I’ve been doing it my entire life. This what I was born to do and when I step into that cage on June 26th, I’m going to do exactly what I’ve always done. I’m going to show up under the bright lights and put on a show and get a highlight reel finish like always.”

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Knowing what the future may hold, Garry is still poised and has no trouble taking things one fight at a time. After all, it’s easy to do when you feel your opponent is as underqualified to take you on as Garry feels.

“My opponent’s name is Jack Grant,” Garry said. “He’s 17-6 and he’s an exceptional grappler. He has fought a lot of high-level guys in Cage Warriors, but he’s never fought someone like me. He’s lost six times and he’s absolutely going to lose to me. I’m a different level; I’m only 6-0 but I fight like a veteran.”

He’s confident, dominant in Cage Warriors and Irish as can be, seemingly walking down the exact same path as Conor McGregor. Does Garry feel slighted or complimented by the early comparisons?

“For everything he’s done in the sport and MMA he’s one of the greatest to ever step in the Octagon,” Garry said. “He’s had the biggest effect on the following and viewership. He’s the most influential star in the sport, so to be compared to one of the greatest of all-time is a huge compliment. It’s like a young basketball player being compared to Michael Jordan. I can only take that as a compliment.”

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Appreciative of the sentiment but ready to make an impact of his own on the sport he loves, Garry’s biggest platform is just on the horizon at Cage Warriors 125.

“I want to be the greatest to ever do this,” Garry said. “Everyone in the pound-for-pound G.O.A.T. conversation has been a UFC champion and that’s exactly what I want to do. I need to take it one step at a time because I can’t look too far in the future. The most important fight is the next fight.”

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