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"I go in there to beat the guy up" - B. Henderson

Stop Freaking Out About Whether Benson Henderson Deserves to Win
By: Jeff Harder, FIGHTLAND

"I did something I regret this weekend. It happened sometime after
midnight Eastern Standard Time on Saturday (technically, Sunday) during
the TUF Brazil Finale. Two of my friends brought up the scenario that just won’t go away: Who would win in a street fight, Ronda Rousey or Floyd Mayweather?
In one breath, I said I wouldn’t talk about it. In the next, I
explained why I was on Team Rousey, and the conversation went downhill
from there. I hashed out whatever semblance of an argument I had for a
scenario so poorly defined (a life spent grappling beats a life spent throwing hands, and what does “street fight” mean anyway?). But looking back, I still feel self-loathing for wasting so many words for something so inherently dumb.

"Now, after last weekend’s two-card binge, we can look forward to the hair of the dog at the upcoming UFC Fight Night 42.
The card has many subplots—the near inversion of Patrick Cummins from
co-main event to curtain jerker, Yves Edwards making a career that’s as
long as they come a little longer, and the main-event arrival of Rustam
Khabilov, part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s literal Caucasian
invasion. But opposite Khabilov is Benson Henderson, a former
lightweight champion with a mane to his waist, a toothpick in his cheek,
and a sunny disposition who somehow became a source of controversy even
more reliable than Rousey versus Mayweather. That’s because in the
likely event that this fight goes 25 minutes, in the tense moments
between the end of the fifth round and the rendering of the judges’
decision, we’ll all be asking ourselves the same question: If Henderson
wins another close one, how much will everyone freak out?"

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