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A Huge Turn of Events at UFC 177

Fortunes changed for five at UFC 177
By: Dave Meltzer, MMA Fighting

"On Friday, nearly everything that could go wrong for UFC did. On Saturday, after a rough patch early of having to stretch out the TV prelims, the pay-per-view show, while limited in names, was strong in action with a number of fighters making strides in their careers.
"UFC had one of the most disastrous days before a pay-per-view in history on Friday. Yet, when Saturday was over, it seemed everyone was breathing a sigh of relief.
"There's few things that can be worse than losing a participant in a championship match just hours before weigh-ins. On Saturday showed, in hindsight, how much worse it would be to lose a champion than a challenger, and there may be a valuable lesson to learn from all this.
"On the list of UFC's problems that need to be addressed, the plight of a challenger for the title not only failing to make weight, but being hospitalized and in no condition to fight, would be high on the list of worries. It happens, but it's rare."
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