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Hooper vs Moicano "Grappling Superfight" | Fury 3

Chase Hooper vs Renato Moicano at Fury Pro Grappling 3, Thursday December 30 at 4:30 pm PT, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!

The kid is back on UFC FIGHT PASS and nobody is happier to bring him home than Fury Pro Grappling president, Rob Haydak.

After impressing many with his resilience and ground game on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, Chase Hooper inked a developmental deal that kept him on UFC FIGHT PASS and helped the 18-year-old sharpen up before an eventual UFC signing.

Hooper’s first stop was Atlantic City for his first major test at CFFC 71.

Hooper would go the distance with Lashawn Alcocks and earn a split draw. While Hooper would remain undefeated, it would be the first blemish to his record, and he was off to fight at Island Fights four months later.

Hooper would only fight for CFFC one time, but after four fights in the UFC, Cage Fury would call on the now boomer-esque 22-year-old Hooper to join the commentary team with CM Punk. It appears to be far from the last time “The Dream” will find himself behind the mic, and now they’re calling on him for yet another role.

Grappling SuperFight.

Hooper takes on the former ranked featherweight turned lightweight, Renato Moicano, in a “what if” match that has both Hooper and Haydak excited and up in the air about.

“We presented him the opportunity and he was like, ‘Get me a really tough fight. I want a good matchup,’” Haydak said. “Renato was available, and it came together with zero hesitation.”

With what will be the highest level of MMA competitor Hooper has ever faced, Moicano is also likely to be favored on the ground. In fact, in 11 fights in the UFC, Moicano has gone 7-4, with four of his wins coming by submission.

Not only does Hooper brush off the concern, but he actually sought out the (on paper) mismatch.

“That’s what’s most exciting about grappling - that people seem to want to test themselves more than to come in and get a payday,” Haydak said.

Don’t let the experience fool you, though. Just because Moicano has fought and submitted higher levels of opponents than Hooper has in his budding career, “The Dream” is no slouch.

At 22, the wiry featherweight has already notched five career submissions of his own and is one of the divisional dark horses when it comes to BJJ talent.

To say Moicano has the edge is probably accurate but to go much further than that is doing yourself an injustice. It never pays to write off the fighter formerly known as “The Teenage Dream.”

“I’ve had people say, ‘Why would you put Chase in there against Renato Moicano? That’s a bad matchup for him,’” Haydak laughed. “I’m like, ‘I don’t think you understand the sport then because Chase is extremely tough on the ground.’”

Catch Chase Hooper vs Renato Moicano at Fury Pro Grappling 3, Thursday December 30 at 4:30 pm PT, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!