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Haisam Rida Looking to Redeem Himself at FPI4 | UFC FIGHT PASS

After A Disappointing Performance At FPI3, Haisam Rida Is Ready For Redemption At FIGHT PASS Invitational 4

Haisam Rida has put together a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu resume that few competitors can match. The Ghana-born black belt holds claim to a Pan-Am No-Gi silver medal, two Asian Open championships, and three JBJJF championships, as well as victories over some of the sport’s biggest names.

Despite his success in his various ventures across the sport, Rida was unable to prevail in his first FIGHT PASS Invitational appearance in December 2022. Rida was triangle choked in the opening round of the event by Patrick Gaudio and is looking to redeem himself in the absolute bracket of the FIGHT PASS Invitational 4.

Watch The UFC FIGHT PASS Invitational 4 Live June 29

A veteran of BJJ competition, Rida has been around since the early days of Jiu-Jitsu on FIGHT PASS.

“It’s always an honor to fight on UFC FIGHT PASS. I got to do the United States shows of QUINTET, and it’s always a great honor,” Rida said. “Ten years from now I’ll be able to say I was one of the first people who started it all.”

With a $30,000 prize on the line, and some of the sports most popular competitors in his bracket, Rida is looking forward to the upcoming tournament, especially considering his added motivation to avenge last year’s match.

“It’s a pretty stacked lineup, it’s going to be a fun one. I put up a disappointing performance in the last one and I’m just looking to redeem myself and try to have fun while I’m doing it.”

A highly touted black-belt, Rida is still kicking himself for getting caught in an early triangle. He points to some slight technical errors, and a potentially clouded headspace when identifying the lapse.

Watch The UFC FIGHT PASS Invitational 4 Live June 29

“I had my head too low, and he was able to lock a quick triangle and catch me by surprise, I’m not going to lie,” Rida said. “Coming off of ADCC that year, there was a lot of pressure and, honestly, I just wasn’t my best self.

“Getting this opportunity again is honestly huge for me and it’s going to be a different ‘giraffe,’ that’s for sure.”

Like any true champion, Rida has turned this setback into a positive, and used it as fuel for some major adjustments.

“It’s motivated me to make some changes in my personal life. I’ve changed gyms, I moved to Austin, and I’m around all the best guys in the world.” Rida said.

Now training with elite gym B-Team Jiu Jitsu, and some of the best competitors in the world like Craig Jones and Nicky Rod, Rida is primed to make a run at the tournament’s grand prize of $30,000.

Watch The UFC FIGHT PASS Invitational 4 Live June 29

Rida became a fan-favorite for his aggressive, submission-hunting style, and a loss won’t change that. He’s still coming to make a splash at the FIGHT PASS Invitational 4.

“I never hold back, I always put myself in dangerous positions trying to get the tap which not many people do,” Rida said. “I never want to be in a boring fight. The sport is about submissions, and I always want to go for that.”

Rida is matched up against Fedor Nikolov in the first round of the absolute tournament at the FIGHT PASS Invitational 4 and has his eyes on the grand prize.