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Grapplers Quest Superfights Set for UFC Fan Expo

Grapplers Quest Superfights and $17,300 in Prizes at UFC Fan Expo® in Las Vegas Saturday, July 7

Lister vs. Spangler III, plus Two 4-Man Tournaments Featuring Cooper, Paxiao, Watson, Cocco, Shapiro, Vaughan and Milos

The Ultimate Fighting Championship® and Grapplers Quest are proud to announce the official Superfights and 4-Man Pro Tournaments at the UFC Fan Expo® on Friday, July 6 and Saturday, July 7 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Advanced Division Champions and All Absolute Divisions will be awarded the Custom Glass Octagon Awards and the largest medallion in the sport of grappling, The Grapplers Quest Octagon Medal exclusively for UFC Fan Expo ® Champions.  

The two-day tournament will feature adult No-Gi submission grappling divisions on Friday, July 6. The 2-Day Grapplers Quest event will showcase two separate 4-Man Tournaments and some mega-superfights. All featured matches will showcase the new “Grapplers Quest Professional Rules” which include a 10-minute Submission Only Round, Followed by a 5-Minute Overtime with Grapplers Quest rules, only if necessary.  

“It’s the evolution of the sport of grappling – Eddie Bravo inspired me to open my mind towards Submission Only and I’ve never been more excited.  Everything for television and more than 10 million fans on YouTube want more submissions – this event nearly guarantees it and it’s going to be the best superfight tournaments and feature the highest level of exciting talent to date,” commented Grapplers Quest owner, Brian Cimins.   

4-Man Tournament (under 165 lbs.):
Marcelo "Lapela" Mafra (Cobra Kai/CheckMat)
Kyle Watson (UFC Veteran & TUF Finalist)

Enrico Cocco (2-Time UFC Fan Expo Advanced Champion, #1 Lightweight in Southeast)
Jerry Shapiro (Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu under Sim Go)

Alternate: Younes Jemni (Amilcar Cipilli “Mica” - Gracie Humaita)

4-Man Tournament (under 165 lbs.):

Bill Cooper (Strikeforce & 2-Time UFC Fan Expo Superfight Champion)
Andre Vaughan (Mica - Gracie Humaita)

Fredson Paxiao (UFC and WEC Veteran)
Justin Milos (10th Planet, Eddie Bravo, Undefeated in MMA)

Alternate: Daniel Aguilar (Multiple Time Grapplers Quest U.S. National and Brazilian Champion)

On Saturday, July 7, the tournament will feature all-youth No-Gi grappling and all-adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo Divisions. The two four-man superfight tournaments will be prequel to the grappling superfight 12 years in the making. Current reigning Abu Dhabi World Champion, Dean Lister will battle 27-Time Grapplers Quest Champion, Sean Spangler, in the All-Time Rubber Superfight of Grappling.

On October 7, 2000, Lister was invited to fight in the first Professional Superfight Tournament. Entering in the Advanced Division, he thought he would cruise to victory until to met Sean Spangler who defeated him. Lister and fans were shocked. He then entered the first Superfight Absolute in 2002 and defeated Spangler in the first round. Now, it’s been twelve years and this third epic battle will determine the winner, once and for all, in Lister vs. Spangler III on Saturday, July 7 starting at 1:00 p.m. PST.

Superfight (10 minute Submission Only with 5 minute Overtime):

Dean Lister (Reigning ADCC Absolute Champion)
Sean Spangler (27-TIme Grapplers Quest Champion)

They are 1-1 against each other at Grapplers Quest from October 7, 2000 and haven’t competed against each other since. Since last meeting, Lister won the Abu Dhabi World Championships and Spangler has remained active on the local tournament scene in America winning nearly every tournament he has entered. Find out THE ULTIMATE Rubber match in grappling, 12 years in the making live at UFC Fan Expo, Saturday, July 7 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  

If time permits and injuries barred, winners of each 4-Man Tournament will compete for a $1,000 impromptu Superfight Bonus match!

$17,300 in Cash and Prize Packages for UFC Fan Expo® Las Vegas:
$1,500 Men’s No-Gi Submission Grappling Advanced Absolute ($500 cash plus 2012 sponsorship)
$1,500 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Absolute ($500 cash plus 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Men’s No-Gi Intermediate Absolute Package ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Men’s No-Gi Beginner Absolute Package ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Men’s No-Gi Novice Absolute Package ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Men’s Brown Belt Absolute Package ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Men’s Purple Absolute Package ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Men's Blue Belt Absolute Package ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Men's White Belt Absolute Package ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Women’s Purple/Brown/Black Absolute ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Women’s Blue Belt Absolute ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Women’s BJJ White Belt Absolute Package ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Women’s No-Gi Advanced Absolute Package ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Women's No-Gi Intermediate ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)
$1,100 Women’s No-Gi Beginner Absolute Package ($100 cash + 2012 sponsorship)

The grappling tournament is limited to 1,500 competitor slots.
Competitor registration starting at just $99 includes:
•         Full Access to the UFC Fan Expo both days ($50 value)
•         Free Grapplers Quest at UFC Fan Expo Fighter T-Shirt by TapouT ($30)
•         Includes $20 off at-the-door pricing
•         Includes Free Entry into UFC Fan Expo Judo Throwdown Tournament ($60 value)

Registration savings end on Wednesday, July 4th at 11:59 p.m. PST – space is limited, so register today at

Tickets for the UFC Fan Expo® are on sale now at Tickets for Friday, July 6 are priced at $40, while tickets for Saturday, July 7 are priced at $45. A two-day pass is also available and is priced at $60.

The UFC Fan Expo® will feature more than 300,000 gross square feet of activities for UFC fans, including meet and greets and autograph sessions with top UFC and STRIKEFORCE® fighters, Q&A sessions with top UFC personalities, as well as grappling tournaments and other special events. More than 100 exhibitors will also be on hand, giving fans the opportunity to purchase and experience some of the best sports and lifestyle products on the market today. This marks the third UFC Fan Expo® held in Las Vegas since its inception in 2009, with additional expos being held in Boston, London, Toronto and Houston.