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GLORY Star Bekah Irwin Awaits Her Fury FC Debut | UFC FIGHT PASS

Rising Muay Thai Superstar Bekah Irwin Touches On Her Upcoming Debut At Fury FC 91 Against Sofia King.

After shining bright in her time fighting for GLORY Kickboxing, Bekah Irwin will make a run for her money in her first fight in Fury FC. She hopes that her experience in both Muay Thai and kickboxing will give her an edge and launch her MMA career into the UFC, and after standing head and shoulders above the rest during her kickboxing career, there’s reason to believe it will.

“I’m hoping to let my striking background shine and if it does, I’m looking to move up quick,” Irwin said.

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Despite this being possibly the most important fight of her career thus far, Irwin refuses to let the added pressure weigh on her. She’s been preparing for this moment since she started fighting at the age of 15.

Even after immediately becoming one of the most talked about rising stars in kickboxing, Irwin was always eyeing the UFC Octagon.

Irwin knows that MMA is a different animal, and will send her into uncharted waters, but the girl who waved on grizzled veterans as a child has always been confident in her craft and isn’t going to start shying away now.

“It’s a totally different sport, but we’ve been preparing for it,” Irwin said. “I’ve been working hard to get to where I need to be and changing what I need to change. It’s not a huge concern.”

On paper, Irwin’s debut opponent, Sofia King, has more MMA experience and will pose a challenge for the 23-year-old with her impressive ground game, but Irwin advises anybody to learn the hard way if they’re banking on her lack of capability on the ground.

“I trained jiu jitsu for nine years,” Irwin said. “I did competitions when I was little, also. I’m comfortable right now. It’s totally different with the strikes but I don’t feel clueless, I’ll say that. I definitely need some improvement, but it’s there.”

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Even with almost a decade of grappling under her belt, Irwin will aim to keep the fight off the ground. As one of the most impressive strikers in women’s MMA, she knows that the mat and the fence are not where she wants to be.

“I’m trying to not get held down, I’m trying to stay off the fence and keep it on the feet,” Irwin claims. “If I do get taken down, get right back up. Or if I did get taken down and I’m on the floor, I’m trying to make it an interesting scramble to where I can come out on top or just get back to my feet.”

While she has a difficult road ahead of her, Irwin is ready to take on any challenge in front of her. She knows that the transition will be different than what she is used to, but she is more than willing to add more skills to her arsenal and pave new ways on her path to MMA success.

Irwin is so confident in her skillset, work ethic and trajectory, undertaking a goal as lofty as making it to the UFC is just another fun challenge.

“I might as well try something new; I’ve been doing this for a long time, so let’s go see what we can do,” says Irwin. “Let’s see what we can accomplish.”

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