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Give the Little Guys a Chance

UFC: Do Not Sleep on TJ Dillashaw and the Bantamweight Division
By: E. Spencer Kyte, The Province

"If you’re still one of those people that clings to the “Yeah, but I just don’t like the little guys” mindset when it comes to the UFC, just be aware that you’re doing it wrong.
"Lightweight is the deepest and most competitive division in the organization. There might not be a more even and balanced weight class than featherweight, where anyone in the Top 10 can beat one another on a given evening. Demetrious Johnson is one of the most dominant champions in the UFC right now and the flyweights combine technique, conditioning and excitement more than any of their contemporaries.
"And in the span of four months, the bantamweight division has become one of the most intriguing weight classes going."
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