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Helen Peralta takes a portrait before the start of The Ultimate Fighter season 30 (photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC)
The Ultimate Fighter

Get To Know Flyweight Helen Peralta | The Ultimate Fighter: Team Peña Vs Team Nunes

Find Out More About The Ultimate Fighter Season 30 Contestant Helen Peralta

Meet Helen Peralta:

  • Record: 5-2
  • Birthplace: Dominican Republic
  • Fighting out of: Fairfield, Iowa
  • Age: 33
  • Stat: 1 win by KO


Welcome to the UFC APEX, and congratulations on making it onto the 30th season of The Ultimate Fighter. How does it feel to be getting this opportunity?

It’s huge. Not only am I here, but I also found out a couple of days ago that Amanda Nunes was going to be one of the coaches, and she’s my favorite fighter. I just saw her and told her, “I want to be on your team, and I want to fight first!”

That was my next question, actually, if there was a coach you were leaning more towards. In that case, what do you hope to learn from Nunes?

Be more aggressive. Sometimes I feel like people I should finish sooner go to a decision because I don’t go for the kill when I should. I think she has that.

How would you describe your fighting style to those who haven’t seen you compete?

Educated brawling.

Get To Know Flyweight Helen Peralta | The Ultimate Fighter: Team Peña vs Team Nunes
Get To Know Flyweight Helen Peralta | The Ultimate Fighter: Team Peña vs Team Nunes

You’ve competed in bare knuckle boxing in the past; do you think that will give you an advantage over your opponents in this tournament?

In a way, yes, because I’m not afraid to get hit. Sometimes that hesitation of not wanting to get hurt can make you miss an opportunity. And when you are in the cage, hesitation is your worst enemy. If you hesitate, half a second can make a difference between you getting the advantage or your opponent getting the advantage. When I get the advantage, it’s not an armbar, you know what I mean? If I get the advantage, that means you’re on your ass.

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Do you think there will be any challenge to living in the same house as the people you’ll be competing against?

I think the only challenge will be the giggling. I don’t understand it. If there are more than three girls in a room, just the sound they make. But I think I can get through it.

Why do you think you’ll be the one to win this season of The Ultimate Fighter?

I think I’m more one track-minded. I don’t do anything else. I’m not here to be on TV. I’m here to win. And I left my puppy. I really love my puppy. There’s no way I left my puppy for six weeks to come back home a loser. No way. She wouldn’t understand it.