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Gennrich Not Intimidated By Lewis Or Betting Odds | UFC FIGHT PASS

It’s The First Time Since LFA 157 That Kegan “Machine Gun” Gennrich Has Been The Betting Underdog, But The LFA Lightweight Champ Finds The Silver Lining In Bookmakers’ Disrespect.

LFA’s lightweight champion has another solid test in front him at LFA 185, but it’s not the first time Kegan Gennrich has found himself the B-side on gambling slips in the LFA cage.

At 8-2 and with a lightweight strap on his shoulder, Gennrich has proven himself to be head and shoulders above most prospects at 155. Gennrich does, however know what it’s like to be fighting above his pay grade.

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“I’ve fought some collegiate wrestlers recently, but none with quite as big of a wrestling resume as Richie,” Gennrich explained. “Richie Miranda and JaCobi Jones are both really accomplished collegiate wrestlers at their level. The last few fights I’ve been considered to be the second-best wrestler or a little bit disregarded. In that sense, I always say that it’s not going to be a wrestling match, it’s going to be an MMA fight.”

Outside of just fans’ perspective, Gennrich looks back to his LFA 157 bout with Richie Miranda, when he was a +130 underdog, and it was strictly because of the separation in wrestling skillset.

While having a fight style and finishing rate that leaves MMA fans frothing at the mouth, Gennrich’s personality tells a whole different story. One of the most violent men on the LFA roster couldn’t be more laid back while still having a pulse. No part of being counted out affects the mentality of the “Machine Gun,” even if they are specifically targeting the base Gennrich built his whole style from.

“I feel pretty good about my MMA wrestling and my MMA grappling stacking up in there,” Gennrich said. “I think the wrestling community will definitely be on Richie’s side. He has a ton of support in that community and that’s cool. I am a wrestling fan, as well, not necessarily of Richie Lewis. I have no problem that the wrestling community would go for him; this one might be the first time I’ve been thought of as the second-best wrestler in the matchup, so it’s all good.”

Likely knocking on the door of UFC attention, Gennrich actually prefers to be seen as the B-side to fights. He doesn’t focus on feeling disrespected by oddsmakers and fans; he sees it as an opportunity to open more people’s eyes.

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“When it comes to my opponents, I always want to think of them as deadly as possible,” Gennrich said. “Then when I go in there and win, it makes me look even better that it was still a great opponent. I don’t want anyone to think my opponents aren’t any good. He’s a tough and physical fighter, strong wrestling background, and I’m sure he’s got some power in his hands. He’s an athletic guy so I’ll have to be sharp in all areas, but that’s what I’m getting ready to do: have a good, well-rounded fight.”

Cool as a cucumber, Gennrich is as calm and confident going into this fight as he was when he was carrying -420 odds with him into the LFA 168 cage against Donald Bush.

He's well aware of the wrestling pedigree, well aware of his MMA career, but just can’t bring himself to see Richie Lewis as more than he is. Another 155-pound prospect.

“My resume stacks up with anyone who is trying to knock on the door of getting into the UFC,” Gennrich bluntly stated. “I have a six-fight win streak and the record of the guys at that time was like 38-6. All the guys I’ve fought are undefeated or one loss prospects. I think I’ve fought, in my opinion, three or four Dana White’s Contender Series-level fights in LFA. I consider LFA a really awesome platform to be on and I love fighting for them. They’re a super awesome promotion, I think the best spot to be outside of the UFC. I feel lucky to have had six fights and won so many on there, but I’m just going to keep proving myself until it becomes undeniable.”

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