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Photo of the UFC Performance Institute, a tall building with teal-blue glass windows and a turf courtyard below for athletics training

GameDay Ready Recovery Zone Named Official Partner of UFC Performance Institute

Partnership Aligns GameDay Ready Recovery Zone To Provide Photobiomodulation (Red Light) Therapy To All UFC Athletes Using The UFC Performance Institute

UFC Performance Institute, the world’s leading high performance service provider for mixed martial arts and combat sports athletes, and GameDay Ready Recovery Zone, the top science backed, protocol driven athletic recovery organization, are pleased to announce our partnership which will provide Photobiomodulation therapy (also known as red light therapy) to all UFC athletes utilizing the UFC Performance Institute.

GameDay Ready Recovery Zone are leaders in the field of recovery and regeneration and have developed a variety of evidence-based protocols that are complementary to the performance enhancement needs of individuals looking to extend their athletic endeavors at every age, through to world-class-level athletes like those competing in the UFC.  

“Athletes competing in the UFC place demands on their body like no other sport.  Due to the rigors of MMA training and competition, an effective recovery plan,  is critical to an athlete’s success” said Dr. Duncan French, Vice President of Performance at the UFC Performance Institute.

“To promote and support optimal recovery and regeneration so that athletes can be consistent in their training, the UFC Performance Institute utilizes evidence-based technologies shown to be effective. Through our partnership with GameDay Ready Recovery Zone, our athletes have access to the most cutting-edge red-light therapy technology, which returns the body to optimal performance at a cellular level by Increasing ATP production and reducing the oxidative stress following challenging workouts.”

“GameDay Ready Recovery Zone was founded on the premise that through the application of recovery protocols combined with best in class technology, we can help athletes of all levels improve their recovery and experience higher performance,” said Steve Rector, CEO, GameDay Ready Holdings, LLC.