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Fury Pro Grappling 3 Key Match-Up: Sean Brady vs Craig Jones

Fury Pro Grappling President Rob Haydak Previews The Epic Battle Between Sean Brady And Craig Jones.

The list of UFC talent that has NOT tested themselves against Craig Jones just got one name shorter.

UFC welterweight Sean Brady is set to take on Craig Jones at Fury Pro Grappling 3, and while fans the Philadelphian may be the underdog in tonight’s match, an upset isn’t out of the cards for Brady, who has some highly underrated BJJ.

“When you look at Sean Brady, who’s 15-0 and regarded as one of the top grapplers in that weight class, going against someone like Craig Jones, who is one of the best grapplers, if not the best grappler in the world, that’s got fireworks written all over it,” said Fury Pro Grappling president Rob Haydak.

While he’s obviously never been submitted professionally, Brady has as many professional submissions inside the UFC as he does outside, so this won’t be the simple “pull guard, lock the leg, heel hook” victory some may come to expect for Jones.

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If Brady should pull off the upset, would it be a big deal at all? It certainly would be a win for the UFC to have a guy pull one over on one of the greatest to ever do it, but for Cage Fury it would be one of the biggest moments in promotional history.

“It really embodies what Cage Fury has been about since day one,” Haydak said. “We want to find the next stars. Yes, Sean Brady is already known now in the UFC, but when people see him go against Craig Jones, yes he’s a big underdog, but this could be not only a feather in Sean’s cap, if he comes away with a victory it also signifies that at Fury Pro Grappling, there’s going to be surprises.”

In a card plum full of high level SuperFights, an upset is far from unlikely. Can Sean Brady become the talk of the mat world on December 30?

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