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Full Speed Ahead For Donovan Beard

As Donovan Beard’s AKA 16 Opponent, Brandon Shavers, Finds Himself In A Do-Or-Die Situation, Beard Is Looking To Embrace The Intensity

Donovan Beard’s AKA 16 opponent, Brandon Shavers, has put his career on the line with this fight. Does the 31-year-old aim to let Shavers leave with dignity or espect to hammer the final nail in the coffin as hard as possible?

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Heading into the bout, Beard’s knowledge of Shavers was limited, but knowing he’s an aggressive southpaw coming off of a lengthy layoff was all the information he needed to carry into the final week of training camp.

“I’m always adjusting and adapting, depending on who’s in front of me,” Beard said. “I don’t really have a certain thing I do all the time. If something’s there I’m going to go to it. If it’s there I’m going to hit it; it’s not, I’m not even going to worry about it. I’m just going to let it pass and it’ll come up next time.”

About as “go with the flow” as they make ‘em, Beard’s concern with potential ring-rust breaking aggression early has been accepted but not dwelled on.

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In fact, the “make or break” nature surrounding the fight for Shavers would give the impression that the entire fight will be filled with as much desperate aggression as his cardio will allow. All of which is fine with Beard.

“I guess I’m going to have to match his speed and see who tires out first and see what he’s got in the third round,” Beard said. “Whatever happens happens. I’m pretty sure when he comes out swinging so fast he’s going to gas, and then whenever I see him go down, that’s when it’s going down.”

As far as looking to retire his once white-hot opponent, Beard takes no pride in being the proverbial straw to break the camel’s back and even encourages Shavers to find whatever it is in life that makes him happy.

“Unfortunately, sometimes you got to choose a different career path,” Beard said. “Sometimes it don’t work out in your favor. Anything you want to do in life, do it to the fullest, and if he doesn’t want to do this to the fullest, I completely understand that.”

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