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Five UFC Performance Institute Tips For Home Productivity

Find out five ways that you can establish healthy habits at home that will help you stay productive:

The world is currently facing an unprecedented time and with the restrictions in place, people are likely spending more time at home than ever before. The change in lifestyle and limitations created by the COVID-19 pandemic can be daunting, but the UFC Performance Institute has come up with five great ways to establish healthy habits from staying productive at home.

Check them out:

1. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

Our bodies run on a natural sleep-wake cycle which is a circadian rhythm. Disruptions to this rhythm can negatively affect gene and hormonal expression, behavioral outcomes and, of course, sleep. Some of the behavioral changes that can occur include weight gain, impulsivity, and slower thinking.

Going to bed and setting an alarm to wake at the same time every day can help regulate this cycle and thus decrease the chances for negative changes to occur. Therefore, planning and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule can better prepare you for a more productive day.

2. Create routines.

Routines can be powerful. When appropriate they can lead to habits. Whereas habits require little thought and can influence positive or negative behaviors, routines generally require more conscious effort to perform. Routinization of your day can increase energy, improve well-being, boost creativity, and promote proactive behavior.

Some of these qualities are enhanced through routines by fostering task completion and goal attainment. This approach can be applied to non-work and work-related tasks. Creating routines provides an opportunity to intentionally and strategically be more productive throughout the day.



3. Organize your daily priorities the night before. Complete the most important tasks first.

One routine that can prove beneficial is organizing your tasks for the following day the night before. In the morning, before you get started with work tasks, do something for yourself such as exercising, meditating, or reading to start the day in a fulfilling manner. When creating priorities, place the most important tasks first.

This utilizes peak productivity of the early to late morning to ensure priority work is completed. Regardless of whether you are working from home or simply looking to be more structured in your day, having a daily plan will help.

4. Remind yourself of your goals.

Motivation is an elusive ide There may be moments when we are high energy, focused, and determined as we work towards goals, but this is not a state we can perpetually live in. Having a strategy for reminding yourself of what you are working towards can influence the consistency with which you approach the task.

Different approaches to implementing this strategy can include writing goals in a daily journal, posting them on your fridge, and/or managing them in a phone app built for organizational purposes. No matter what approach you use find something that keeps not only your goals, but also the various implications of achieving those goals, present in your daily decision-making processes.

5. Set a limit on phone use.

Use phone functions to set usage times and to alert you when you’ve reached those limits. Apple and Samsung phones both have functions where you can individualize daily time limits for specific apps. Managing how much time you spend on your phone can help prevent your phone from becoming a distraction and diminishing productivity.

A good place to start is with social medi Overuse of internet and social networks through phones is related to poor sleep quality and duration, and as previously mentioned disruption of the sleep cycle can lead to other negative physiological and mental outcomes. Phone overuse can also negatively affect academic performance.

Productivity is influenced by a variety of factors which are different for each person but using a handful of strategies to consciously increase its likelihood can lay the groundwork for an efficient and constructive day.

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