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Fighting Comes Naturally For Ryan Kuse

Fighting Is Something Ryan Kuse Has Consistently Delivered On Throughout His Life, And He Continues To Do So This Weekend At Titan FC 74, Live On UFC Fight Pass

Remember the guy in high school you could always count on to get in a fight? Every party, every football game, everything with a crowd? Well, that guy fights on UFC FIGHT PASS and he hasn’t lost a step.

Titan FC’s Ryan Kuse has always been known for one thing: fighting.

Coming from Broward County, Florida, Kuse was always doing, as he calls it, “hooligan stuff” as a child. It was only a short amount of time before he started to develop, not only a love for fighting, but a following as a result.

Thankfully, for the sake of Broward County, Kuse made a transition to MMA and felt oddly comfortable in the gym. It may be a much different format than the street fights he’s used to, but it’s a scrap nonetheless, which has always been his specialty.

As much as MMA has brought to Kuse’s life, he’s has had quite a bit to offer the sport, as well. One heck of an exciting 5-0 record and a whole crew of ski mask-donning fans in the crowd.

“As I switched over from them watching me fight at the park and fight at parties to actually fighting professionally and doing my thing, a lot of my fanbase has come with me from where I came from to where I am now,” Kuse explained.

“The Third Street Savage” calls Titan FC home these days, and the cage has replaced the street and the parks. Titan President Lex McMahon explains that there’s no exaggeration when it comes to Kuse’s fans. He brings one hell of a crew with him.

It’s hard to tell just how many parties and parks Kuse used to fight in, but one look at the crowd at Titan FC shows and you’re forced to believe he’s the most popular brawler in the city known for popular street brawlers. According to Kuse, we still haven’t seen all the people in his circle.

“Honestly that’s probably only 100 of them that come but a lot of the new people following the Third Street train are just joining on,” Kuse said. “They want to be a part of the winning team.”

Crowd noise for Kuse is a pretty nice indicator of his fanbase, but if you’re ever forced to watch the fights on mute, they can be identified by their ski masks when he’s walking out.

“They love it, I love it,” Kuse said. “I come out with a ski mask, they come out with them and it’s what we do. I call it me doing an armed robbery. I’m stealing their souls.”

With his street fighting past and an army of ski-masked fans, it’s best for all involved that Kuse has devoted his life to keeping the fights in the cage, even though he still has his edge.

“I became a 100% martial artist, but I’m still with that street attitude and that mentality where I’m ready to go in there, I’m ready to slug it out and I’m ready to put my fist through that man’s face,” Kuse said.

His ambition is MMA and his heart is still in the streets, but fighting a kickboxing ace like Asa Ten Pow is different than fighting at parties. Can Ryan Kuse make a giant leap on to the MMA general public’s radar with a win over a GLORY legend? He certainly thinks so. If you live in southern Florida and sport a ski mask, chances are you do, too.

Catch the return of Ryan Kuse at Titan FC 74 LIVE Friday, February 18, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!