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Fighters' Secret Superpowers

Brock Lensar as "The Incredible Hulk", Urijah Faber as "Iron Man", or Junior Dos Santos as "The Silver Surfer"

Brought to you by The Green Hornet - In Theaters January 14, 2011

We love watching fighters because their physical abilities seem above and
beyond what normal humans can do. Here are some top athletes and the fictional
characters they think they could very well be related to. Take a look and leave a comment
with your own suggestions.
Brock Lesnar - The Incredible Hulk
UFC 81 Weigh-In Brock LesnarWhen
Bruce Banner gets angry he becomes the Incredible Hulk. When the Incredible Hulk
gets angry he becomes Brock Lesnar. Both are big, agile and strong – real
strong. The Hulk’s strength is near limitless, and the same can be said for
Lesnar -- just ask Frank Mir, Heath Herring and Randy Couture.

Urijah Faber - Iron Man

WEC 1/10 Urijah Faber vs Raphael AssuncaoOut
of his metal suit, Tony Stark is a CEO millionaire playboy with a trademark
smile. Out of the steel cage, Faber is one of the most recognizable MMA stars
with commercials, big sponsors, gyms, protégés and a trademark smile, plus a
cleft chin. But when they’re at work, both superheros are strong, fast and
durable with a cache of the newest weaponry available in their respective

Randy Couture - Ra’s Al Ghul
UFC 109 Weigh-In Randy CoutureRa’s
Al Ghul uses the Lazarus Pits to heal himself of all wounds and keep himself in
the prime of his life. No one is really sure how Couture still stays so
competitive as the years wear on, but nevertheless, Couture and Ra’s Al Ghul are
both master strategists and experienced warriors from centuries’ worth of

Joseph Benavidez - Daredevil
Murdock’s alter ego, a club-carrying blind guy who knows karate and charges head
first into fight swith anyone, is dubbed “The Man Without Fear.” Joseph
Benavidez may be 5’4” (with shoes), but he attacks his opponents first and often
without a moment of hesitation, even if that opponent is MMA legend Miguel Angel
Torres. Also, they both look good in red.

George St-Pierre - Captain America
UFC 94 Press Conference Georges St-Pierre Two
supreme athletic specimens, these two possess amazing physical prowess.
St-Pierre started as a dynamic striker with a submission game and over has
evolved into one of the best wrestlers as well. If the Canadian could learn how
to throw a shield, he could be “Captain North America”.  

Lyoto Machida - The Flash
UFC 98 Lyoto MachidaUsing
their fast feet to dodge attacks and land lightning-quick counterstrikes, The
Dragon and The Flash terrorize using insane speed. Opponents see only a blur of
light and then the floor. The only major difference? Machida knows Shotokan

Jose Aldo - Blade
WEC 11/18 Jose Aldo vs Mike BrownBlade’s
mother was bitten by a vampire while pregnant; this resulted in Blade being born
human with vampiric powers, terrorizing those between the two worlds. Aldo is a
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt who has savagely knocked out everyone he has
fought in the US. Aldo is scarily-talented on the feet and on the ground. Aldo
and Blade are simply the best of both worlds.

Wanderlei Silva - Ghost Rider
weigh in bisping silvaNo,
Wanderlei Silva didn’t sell his soul to the Devil to harvest souls while riding
a motorcycle. No, both he and Ghost Rider are famous for their staredowns. Ghost
Rider’s “penance stare” makes its victim experience all the pain they have ever
inflicted on others. Silva’s pre-fight stare down makes his opponent tremble
imagining all the pain they’re about to have inflicted on them by the man they
call “The Axe Murderer.”

Jon Jones - Green Lantern
UFC 94 Jon Jones vs Stephan BonnarArtists
in combat, these figures facilitate the destruction of their opponents through
imagination and creativity. Jones uses brutal takedowns, spinning back elbows
and high kicks; the Green Lantern’s power ring can do virtually anything. But
with no jewelry allowed in the Octagon, point Jones.

Paulo Thiago - The Punisher
Paulo Thiago TrainingIt
is not always the prettiest victory, but both men always get the job done. These
two steely-eyed killers are prepared to go whereever the fight takes them. The
Punisher use his fists, knives, guns, bombs; Thiago uses his arms and legs to
rack up submission and knockout–of-the-night bonuses.

Nate Diaz - Juggernaut
UFC Fight Night Weigh-In Melvin Guillard Physically,
they are polar opposites; Juggernaut is a dump truck of muscles and Diaz is
skinny as a rail. They are both little brothers (of Professor X and Nick Diaz);
mentally they are blood brothers; they have an unflinching resolve to attack
their opponent head-on. Both are supremely confident in their abilities and are
impervious to mental games. But one look at the scene from X-Men III where
Juggernaut yells “I’m the Juggernaut, b#*ch,” and the true similarity is
instantly clear.
Junior Dos Santos - The Silver Surfer
UFC 108 Junior Dos SantosThe
Silver Surfer’s sleek bald head used to be an omen that an evil God-like
villain, Galactus, was about to eat your planet. Nowadays, it’s Cigano’s sleek
bald head it’s that signifies imminent vicious punching power that will destroy
your world. Hyperbole is disproven by his UFC record: four knockouts in the
first round and one man-handling of Mirko “Cro Cop” is not hyperbolic.  

Shane Carwin - Thing from the Fantastic 4
UFC 96 Weigh-In Shane CarwinFill
in the Thing’s cracks with silly putty and it is Shane Carwin. They’re both huge
and freakishly powerful individuals who club opponents with their ginormous
stone hands. Carwin has won all of his UFC fights by demolishing KO in the first
round. When Shane Carwin steps into the Octagon it certainly is “clobberin’