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Fight Night Argentina: Live Results

Who were the winners at Fight Night Argentina? Read below to get the results for all the fights.

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Fight Night Argentina: Main Card
Santiago Ponzinibbio def Neil Magny via KO, 2:36, Round 4.
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Magny started the first round finding his range with his jab, but Ponzinibbio caught Magny with a few shots. Magny struggled with his vision in his right eye after getting caught by a jab. The Argentinian commanded the Octagon as Magny struggled with his vision and pressured Magny against the fence. Ponzinibbio was effective with his straight punches, getting through Magny's defense often, including a big overhand right hand at the end of the round.

Magny was much more aggressive to start the second round, but Ponzinibbio caught Magny with two hard leg kicks that twice put Magny on the mat. Referee Herb Dean stopped the action for a moment to check on a cut over Ponzinibbio's left eye, but when they returned to the action, Ponzinibbio hurt Magny again with a stiff jab and more leg kicks. 

In the third round, Ponzinibbio continued to dominate with his jab and leg kicks. Magny really favored his lead leg and stayed close to the fence. After eating another leg kick, Magny hopped on his other leg for a moment to recover, and Ponzinibbio pressured Magny constantly. 

Ponzinibbio attacked Magny's lead leg to start the fourth round, and Magny really struggled to stand on it, either hopping or going to the mat after each kick. Against the fence, Ponzinibbio caught Magny with a straight right hand to end the fight. 

Ricardo Lamas def Darren Elkins via TKO, 4:09, Round 3.
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Elkins gained control in the clinch against the cage to start the first round. Lamas cut Elkins early, opening one up near Elkins' right eye. Elkins caught Lamas stumbling and took him down late in the first round.

In the second round, Lamas landed a few leg kicks before slipping a punch and taking Elkins down. When they returned to their feet, Elkins caught a kick and both fighters scrambled on the ground. Lamas landed several heavy punches on the ground. Lamas landed several leg kicks, and late in the second round, Elkins began to really favor his front leg. 

Lamas started the third round with more kicks to Elkins' right leg. Lamas kept the pressure while dodging Elkins' heavy strikes. Midway through the round, Lamas scored a takedown and landed a strong elbow. Lamas did big damage with his ground and pound, eventually earning the stoppage.

Johnny Walker def Khalil Rountree Jr. via KO, 1:57, Round 1.
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Rountree landed a couple of leg kicks to start the first round, and Walker gave a taunting smile. Walker landed a big head kick and got into a clinch. From there, Walker landed a short heavy elbow to put Rountree on his back, ending the fight.

Ian Heinisch def Cezar Ferreira via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
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Ferreira scored a double-leg takedown early in the first round, but Heinisch got back to his feet pretty quickly. Heinisch was held up against the fence but jumped into a guillotine attempt that was unsuccessful. Heinisch transitioned to attempt an armbar from the bottom, but Ferreira was never in danger and the round ended soon after.

In the second round, Ferreira immediately landed a takedown. Heinisch scrambled back to his feet, but after a couple more minutes, Ferreira scored another takedown. Heinisch got back to his feet again, and at the end of the round, Heinisch landed a big punch that put Ferreira on the mat.

The third round started with another takedown by Ferreira and another quick getup from Heinisch. After both fighters were in the clinch, Heinisch landed a flurry of close-range shots that seemed to hurt Ferreira. Heinisch scored a takedown of his own and touched up Ferreira. Heinisch landed several hard shots, but Ferreira survived the late flurry at the end of the round.

Guido Cannetti vs Marlon Vera
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Cannetti started the first round aggressively, immediately getting into a clinch, but Vera counters and trips Canetti into a takedown. Canetti attempted an armbar, but Vera picked him up and escaped. When tehy were back on their feet, Cannetti caught Vera and rushed him, scoring a takedown. Cannetti continued to apply pressure on the feet and landed several powerful punches and kicks.

Vera started the second round with a huge knee and attempted a guillotine. Cannetti escaped, but Vera returned the pressure with more strikes. When the fight went to the ground, Vera got into a fast rear naked choke, ending the fight. 

Cynthia Calvillo def Poliana Botelho via submission, rear naked choke, 4:48, Round 1.
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Calvillo caught Botelho's kick early and scored a takedown, but the fight returned to the feet soon after. The fighters walked around the Octagon, feeling each other out. Calvillo caught another one of Botelho's kicks, taking her down and getting into side control. From there, Calvillo did damage and moved into a choke, ending the fight. 

Fight Night Argentina: Prelims
Michel Prazeres def Bartosz Fabinski via submission, guillotine, 1:02, Round 1.
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Prazeres came out and almost immediately connected with an overhead right that dropped Fabinski. After surviving the initial flurry, Fabinski looked like he was back on his feet, but Prazeres jumps guard and sinks a deep guillotine that ends the fight.

Alexandre Pantoja def Ulka Sasaki via submission, rear naked choke, 2:18, Round 1.
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Sasaki came out throwing and then successfully defending Pantoja's takedown attempt. Pantoja attempted an armbar from the bottom, but Sasaki escaped. Sasaki worked in some ground-and-pound until Pantoja beautifully reversed positions and took Sasaki's back. The Brazilian got into a rear naked choke that forced Sasaki to tap.  

Austin Arnett def Humberto Bandenay via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)
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Arnett came out in the first round trying to keep the fight in close range to avoid Bandenay's head kick, but Bandenay still found his range with an array of punches and low kicks. 

In the second round, Arnett charged Bandenay and connected with a few shots, eventually getting Bandenay's into a clinch against the fence. However, a low knee thrown by Arnett allowed Bandenay to get out of the position. Bandenay had a few flurries that just missed and seemed to slow down in the second round, and Arnett kept the pressure on him against the cage.

Arnett got Bandenay to the ground in the third round, landing some solid ground-and-pound shots.

Laureano Staropoli def Hector Aldana via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
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Aldana rejected touching gloves to start the first round and opted for a leg kick instead. Staropoli returned the favor, throwing heavy combinations. The welterweights wore each other's punches. Aldana was cut near his left eye, and Staropoli featured a welt on the right side of his forehead. The referee stopped the fight to check Aldana's cut, but the fight continued. 

Staropoli caught Aldana with a low blow at the start of the second round and was given time to recover. Both fighters stayed busy with heavy shots thrown and landed. Aldana got Staropoli into a clinch against the cage, landing a few knees before returning to the center of the Octagon to exchange heavy punches. 

Fight Night Argentina: Early Prelims
Jesus Pinedo def Devin Powell via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
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Pinedo started with some interesting movement and caught Powell with a combination of straights that put Powell on his back. Pinedo allowed Powell to return to his feet, and Powell began to find his range with his striking.

Powell turned up the pressure on Pinedo in the second round, and Pinedo spent a lot of time with his back close to the cage. Pinedo got Powell on his back but did not engage aggressively other than a few bursts of ground and pound.

In the third round, Pinedo did well countering Powell's strikes, eventually catching one of Powell's kicks and putting him back on the mat. When Powell returned to his feet, he chased Pineda but was not able to find a finish.

Nad Narimani def Anderson dos Santos via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
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The featherweights came out in the first round and almost immediately started swinging in the pocket. Narimani pressed Dos Santos early, controlling the Octagon, but Dos Santos' movement and confidence grew as the round progressed, landing a few nice combinations.

In the second round, Narimani and Dos Santos exchanged some words and combinations early. Dos Santos caught Narimani with a few power punches but unsuccessfully shot for a single-leg takedown. Narimani got Dos Santos to the ground and stayed in top position for the last two minutes of the first round. 

Narimani took Dos Santos down in the third round, but Dos Santos attempted a guillotine, which helped him get back to his feet. The fighters exchanged punches for the better part of the final round, but Narimani successfully got Dos Sanots to the ground, finishing the fight in top position.