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The Lil’ Bulldog: Lemons into Lemonade book

Felice Herrig's Book Turns 'Lemons Into Lemonade'

Autobiographical Children's Book A Perfect Recipe For MMA

Any MMA fighter can tell you how the best plan goes into the background when a fight gets complicated, and then all possible resources and learned techniques must be used, at least those the fight requires.

Felice Herrig and Kirk Herrig book signing

That is why an MMA fight perfectly fits the saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," as your skills and judgment can be unexpectedly tested at any time, and you must react to it.

This is the lesson left by the book “Lemons into Lemonade” leaves us. Written by UFC fighter Felice Herrig, who, along with her father, took advantage of a moment when she was sidelined from the sport due to a severe injury that required a knee reconstruction operation to work on a children book.

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The book is autobiographical, with the COVID-19 quarantine becoming a perfect moment for father and daughter to work together and portray the life she was living.

Felice Herrig book signing

The main character, "Lil 'Bulldog," suffers an injury that prevents her from pursuing her boxing career, and while she is forced to rehab and recover, she learns everything that is thrown at her by her friends, from making chocolate and sushi, to singing, painting or doing yoga.

In the life of a professional athlete, injuries can more than limit you physically; they present you with a much stronger mental battle. Faced with this, both Felice and “Lil’ Bulldog” found their way to win. From going friendship to friendship and learning new hobbies, to writing and drawing with her father, this time became a beautiful and inspiring book for children (and children at heart).

Felice Herrig and Carla Esparza

Kirk Herrig's art, which is, at times, reminiscent of the strong lines and vivid colors of Daniel Johnson and Jamie Hewlett during the 90s, or Jim Mahfood, is appropriately simple and direct. It is never overstated or over-saturated; it’s an ideal balance to Felice's narration and the work of a natural artist.

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In fact, the team of daughter and father achieve with this book what many MMA fighters also achieve every time they enter the Octagon - a team victory – as the narrative and drawing understand and complement each other perfectly.

"Lemons into Lemonade" is one of the many good things left by 2020, through which Herrig reminds us of the important lesson of learning something from every situation. Any situation, however adverse it may be, can be used as a positive, and will eventually bring a reward.