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Eubanks expects a title shot after a dominant performance on Saturday



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A liiiittle too high... #ufc230 Live at the World Famous @thegarden November 3!!

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Sijara Eubanks sat down with to discuss her history with Roxanne Modafferi, their upcoming matchup and much more ahead of UFC 230.

UFC: How did you mentally get past having to pull out of the Nicco Montano fight?

Eubanks: You have to work on improving your mind just as much as your body. I knew the day that I was hospitalized that I was going to come back to 125 (pounds) and prove that I’m a true flyweight. Physically I’m more built for the flyweight division than any other. I’m on the bigger side but not drastically. I’m not tall or have a wide back. So it was just about staying true to the mentally dexterity I’ve had over the years. I have a goal: to be UFC champion and I belong in the flyweight division.

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster for you, how have you kept your focus on this camp?

I have a strong coaching staff and a lot of friends and family around who support me. This isn’t new to me I’ve been doing competitive martial arts for 10 years now. Being focused on your opponent and what you have next is really important to your success.

You and Roxanne Modafferi have fought before, what are you expecting to be the and what to be different?

I’m looking for a different outcome and to get her out of there in less than 15 minutes this time. I’m ready for all 15 minutes and then some but I’m a much different fighter that when I first fought Roxanne. I was coming off The Ultimate Fighter and kind of winging it. This fight I’m much more well-defined. The improvement I’ve made since then is vast and I’m a whole new fighter.

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Why do you think the cast on your season of TUF were able to build such strong relationships?

The TUF 26 cast was pretty close. I’ve seen the other female seasons and they seemed pretty catty. So when I came into the house I had my guard up but then once we got into the house everyone was pretty cool. A lot of the girls were much cooler than I anticipated. So it made the experience for me a lot less dramatic.

Does it mean more to you to fight on this big stage of Madison Square Garden?

The end of the day it’s another fight, but you can’t ignore the fact that it’s New York. I’m an east coast girl, born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. I’m in Jersey now and my fiancé who I have a baby with was raised in New York. So it feels like I’m fighting in my own backyard. Fighting in Madison Square Garden as a combat athlete is an amazing thing to do. I also think being in and around New York for the last year has helped.

With a win on Saturday are you expecting to get a title shot?

I’m expecting a title shot but last time I was expecting a title shot it got ripped away. I believe I’m in line with a title shot with a dominant performance on November 3 and I’m going to ask for a title shot after a dominant performance. I’ll keep asking until I actually step in the cage for my title.