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Dominant Grappler Kody Steele Eyes Pro MMA Debut

Will Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Ace Kody Steele's Dominance Carry Over In His Pro MMA Debut? Find out on Sunday, February 6 at Fury FC 56 on UFC Fight Pass

He’s dominated the grappling shows, he dominated the FIGHT PASS Invitational, and he dominated his two amateur bouts, so it’s time to find out if Kody Steele can dominate in professional MMA.

If you’ve watched any BJJ events in the last couple years, it’s hard not to know Steele’s name. He’s stacked up an estimated 200 matches under his belt and has wins over some of your favorite grapplers to show for it.

The 26-year-old has had two vicious amateur knockouts despite having BJJ ability that few in his division can hang with.

“It all depends on who I’m fighting and where the stakes are at,” Steele said. “If I’m fighting somebody I know I can work on the ground I’ll definitely shoot for some crazy submissions that nobody’s really seen or haven’t seen in a while in the cage, but if we’re on the feet I don’t just want to be the jiu jitsu guy. I want to put people to sleep.”

What if Steele does want to be known as the jiu jitsu guy? Is his ground game dominant enough to keep him in that box?

Steele says not only could he consistently dominate with his BJJ, he could almost call his shot consistently.

“Depending on who I’m fighting and what I need to do, I could snag heel hooks, hit a twister, get chokes, I can do guillotines, and I’m sure I can do flying armbars,” Steele said. “I have a pretty good arsenal of submissions and, depending on who I’m fighting, I can definitely get them.”

Beyond giving Steele a skillset that puts him a step above most other welterweights outside of the UFC, years of BJJ competitions have sculpted his style and prepared him for big moments that might overwhelm other debuting fighters.

“It’s given me the ability to compete and be under the lights. I’ve competed on all the biggest jiu jitsu promotions. Lights and the camera and the crowd don’t affect me at all. I’m still able to be free out there and not second guess myself and just flow with everything.”

He’s a 2022 UFC FIGHT PASS Fighter To Watch for a reason. He’s been on every grappling card you can find for a reason. His amateur bouts show that he’s as exciting on the feet as he is on the ground. Will Kody Steele continue to blow past his opponents in the professional ranks?

Find out Sunday, February 6 at Fury FC 56, ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!