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De La Rosa Is Primed To Climb The Rankings

Montana De La Rosa wants to springboard her way up the flyweight division, starting with a win at UFC 234.

Riding a 3-fight winning streak and two wins in her first two UFC fights, Montana De La Rosa is primed to climb the flyweight division.

Ahead of her fight with Nadia Kassem at UFC 234, we talked to De La Rosa about her upcoming fight, being a part of the first husband-wife UFC duo and what might come next should everything go well for her in Melbourne.

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UFC: Let's start by talking about the fight itself. You're on a win streak here in the UFC, and you're looking to make some noise in your division. She's been out a long time with an injury, and she's going to be thirsty for a win. How do you see it all playing out on Sunday?

MD: I think she’s very dangerous. She’s had a lot of knockouts early in her career. I think she has no fear, so I think it’s going to be a really entertaining fight.

UFC: Every time I've spoken to one of your fellow TUF castmates, I've always mentioned that it seems like your season was one of the most drama-free, tight-knit seasons in the history of the show. Was it as positive and supportive as it appeared on the show? 

MD: The house was amazing. We all got along great. The only sucky part was that you had to fight your friends. I mean, I fought three of them, and that was probably the hardest part.

UFC: Obviously you and your husband made history by being the first husband wife duo in the UFC. What's it like not only to have that support in your own family, but to have an ascending career alongside your spouse?

MD: It’s been something we’ve always wanted to do. I started training the same time he started fighting, so we both started our pro careers together, and we both knew that we would be in the UFC eventually together.

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UFC: Your daughter competes in wrestling. Does she want to fight in the future too?

MD: I don’t know if she wants to fight, but I know she wants to be a WWE superstar. That’s what she wants to be. And an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling. 

UFC: You're obviously focused on Nadia, but we saw you tweet to PVZ a couple weeks ago following her victory. Is that a fight that still makes sense for you?

MD: I’m not sure how she’s ranked right now. I would either want to fight her to get my name out there more or fight somebody with a higher rank.