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Daton Fix of Oklahoma State (photo curtesy of Oklahoma State)
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Daton Fix: Aiming For Greatness | UFC Fight Pass

Oklahoma State's Daton Fix Has His Sights On National Championships

A respectful but fair warning to a certain Oklahoma State alum… Daton Fix is coming for you, Daniel Cormier.

It should come as no shock that despite having a 100+ pound weight discrepancy, one of Oklahoma State’s newest barbarians of the mat has spent much of his life looking up to Daniel Cormier.

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Although Cormier didn’t necessarily need to “put Oklahoma State on the map” in terms of NCAA wrestling, he made sure to remind everybody in the cage what Cowboys were capable of.

“We all really look up to him,” Fix said. “After he finished competing, he was the club coach here in Stillwater for the kids’ club for a while, so we’ve been around him all our lives, really. Seeing what he did in the UFC, we all look up to him and he’s an awesome guy to be around.”

In Cormier’s first four UFC fights he was one of the hottest names in the division despite not having a belt. Fast forward three years and despite losing his title shot he remained one of the hottest names in the sport.

Fix, himself, has come up just short of NCAA gold twice now. Despite losing National Championship matches to Nick Suriano and Roman Bravo-Young, Fix is one of the hottest names in the sport.

“From a young age I’ve had a target on my back since I could remember,” Fix said. “I’ve always been the guy people are coming after and that just motivates me. I know I’ve got to work hard because I know that people want to take me out.”

Cormier would wrap his historic career as one of the few to ever hold UFC champ-champ status. He may have finished second a couple times early, but he’ll be forever etched in our brain as the two-division champion.

Different sports, different scenarios, and Fix is quick to point out that it ain’t over yet.

“With three years of eligibility left I’m pretty sure I’m going to get at least one if not two or three titles,” Fix said.

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