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Conor's Coach A Master of Taekwondo

By: Peter Carroll, FIGHTLAND

"Conor McGregor has become increasingly well known for his unorthodox approach to striking. The addition of flamboyant kicks to his arsenal, which have punctuated his four UFC performances thus far, have particularly turned heads in the direction of the Irishman.
"It is an aspect of his game that didn’t really manifest itself in competition until his New Year’s Eve 2012 outing against Ivan Buchinger, a performance that would see him become the first and only double weight world champion under the Cage Warriors banner.
"Although there is no denying the evolution of the European featherweight, for such techniques to be executed perfectly an expert in the field of kicking is required to teach them. When such a skillset is required, there is one man that SBG Ireland fighters know they can turn to.
"With over 20 years of experience in taekwondo, Johnny 'The Dragon' Dargan has been quite busy lately. A lot of the posts from the SBG Ireland facility have featured the explosive Dubliner who has been working closely with ‘The Notorious’ in the lead up to his bout with Dennis Siver, according to SBG head coach John Kavanagh.
“'It’s great having Johnny around,' said Kavanagh of the 41 year old BattleZone FC heavyweight champion. 'He’s a hero to all the guys. He won’t mind me saying that he’s on the slightly wrong side of 40 but he still gets in and does all the sessions with the guys. He can push anyone in the gym and he is still the fastest man that I’ve ever seen.
“'I have never seen anyone that can move as fast as Johnny Dargan. He’s got some freak genetics. I’d love for a scientist to measure his output, because it’s absolutely bizarre what that man can do.
“'He’s an absolute master of taekwondo and to be able to add that skillset to the guys and allow them to play around with new techniques and keep that learning environment thriving, it’s great. It allows us to keep that sense of awe with martial arts."
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