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Conor McGregor Is One Bad Dude

By: Matt Berical, Maxim

"Conor McGregor knows what he wants: Prior to last night’s bout against Dennis Siver, during which the fast-talking, quick-fisted Irish UFC featherweight bloodied his opponent with a burst of left kicks and punches before sending him to the ground and earning a TKO with a sharp-elbowed onslaught, his gaze was already set on the forthcoming featherweight title bout set to take place in Belfast this May.
"'When I say something’s going to happen, it’s going to happen,' the 26-year old McGregor told Maxim last month. 'I said I’d beat my previous opponent in less than two minutes, I said I’d be fighting for the title in my home country. Siver isn’t a roadblock, he’s not even an issue.'
"He was right: The outmatched Siver stood no chance. And the always-cocksure McGregor, the most exciting UFC fighter to debut in years, made him look silly from the outset: flipping him the bird instead of touching gloves at the match’s start. McGregor, who turns from jester to junkyard dog when the bell sounds, mugged for the camera and backed up every claim he'd made while barely breaking a sweat. The crowd of more than 14,000 at the TD Garden in Boston, including many fanatic Irish flag-wavers, lapped up the antics."
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